How To Read Novel And Then There Were Four Full Episode


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Ivy Thorne had always dreamed of attending one of the best universities for agriculture. When she received her acceptance letter, her heart soared with excitement. It was a golden opportunity she couldn’t afford to miss. With a passion for plants and animals that ran deep in her veins, Ivy knew she was on the path to a bright future.

There was, however, one unforeseen obstacle that stood in her way. Ivy’s family home, nestled on the outskirts of a small, picturesque town, was not as empty as she had thought. Four men, all with rugged features and enigmatic personas, had taken up residence in her father’s house. Ivy’s father had mentioned a new “business venture” before she left for the university, but he hadn’t provided any details.

As Ivy settled into her studies and campus life, she couldn’t ignore the growing intrigue surrounding those four men. They were a mystery, and it wasn’t just their presence in her family home that piqued her curiosity. It was the way they seemed to watch her, their gazes always following her movements. It was as if she had become the center of their universe.

Weeks turned into months, and Ivy’s encounters with the men became more frequent. They were always polite, offering to help her with chores or sharing their knowledge about the farm her father had left behind. Ivy found herself drawn to their expertise in agriculture, and she couldn’t deny the deep connection she felt with the land.

One evening, under a starry sky, one of the men, a tall and rugged figure named Aiden, shared stories of the farm’s history. Ivy listened intently, her fascination growing as he painted vivid pictures of her father’s dedication to the land. She found herself captivated by his deep voice, his words lulling her into a sense of comfort.

But danger wasn’t something Ivy had ever associated with these men. It wasn’t until a series of incidents made her question her initial assumptions. She caught glimpses of their true nature when they exhibited predatory instincts, akin to wolves lurking in the shadows. Their intense hunger was palpable, and Ivy had unknowingly become their prey.

As Ivy ventured deeper into this twisted tale, she realized she was playing the role of Little Red Riding Hood, caught in a dark and sensual fairy tale. The men were the wolves, and Ivy, oblivious to their predatory nature at first, was now at the heart of their insatiable desires.

She had two choices: to flee from the danger that had crept into her once-peaceful life or to confront it head-on. But as the lines between fear and attraction blurred, Ivy’s decision was far from clear. She found herself entangled in a story she couldn’t escape, facing the most dangerous creatures not in the wild, but much closer to home.


Novel Details : And Then There Were Four

Tittle And Then There Were Four
Author Lillith Carrie
Publisher Dreame
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.6

How To Read Novel And Then There Were Four Full Episode

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