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October’s scorching heat in Wiltspoon seemed unrelenting, but Serenity Hunt found solace in the refreshing autumn breeze that graced the mornings and evenings. With a heart full of determination, Serenity rose early each day to prepare breakfast for her sister’s family of three. But hidden in the silence, she carried her birth certificate, a silent testament to her unspoken plan.

Tensions escalated the night before as her brother-in-law declared they were going Dutch on everything – expenses, mortgage, auto loans. Serenity’s sister was staying with them, paying a considerable sum, but it barely made a dent. The burden seemed too heavy, and Serenity knew she had to move out.

There was only one way to ease her sister’s concerns: marriage. Despite never having had a boyfriend, Serenity decided to embrace her Grandma May’s offer. Destiny had brought them together when Serenity saved the old lady, and in return, Grandma May sought a way to settle down her restless grandson, Zachary York. This unexpected turn of events set the wheels of fate in motion for Serenity’s unconventional journey towards matrimony.

Zachary York was a charismatic and enigmatic figure in Wiltspoon. He had a reputation as a man who could charm the socks off anyone, yet he had never shown any inclination toward settling down. Serenity had seen him around town, often surrounded by a crowd of admirers, but she had never spoken to him. She was a quiet, unassuming woman who had dedicated her life to taking care of her sister’s family.

Grandma May had known Serenity since she was a child, and she recognized the inner strength that lay beneath Serenity’s reserved exterior. When she learned about Serenity’s predicament, she saw an opportunity to help both her grandson and the woman she considered a surrogate granddaughter.

The plan was simple yet unconventional. Serenity and Zachary would enter into a marriage of convenience. In exchange for her companionship and support, Zachary would help Serenity with her financial woes, allowing her to move out and regain her independence. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement, and Grandma May had a knack for matchmaking.

Serenity hesitated before accepting the proposal. She knew that this marriage was not born out of love, but necessity. However, she couldn’t bear the thought of burdening her sister’s family any further, and this was the only solution that presented itself. With a heavy heart, she agreed to the plan, and the wedding was set for the following month.

The day of the wedding arrived, and Wiltspoon was abuzz with excitement. The townsfolk had heard of the unusual circumstances surrounding the union of Serenity and Zachary. Some were skeptical, others curious, but most were supportive, knowing that sometimes life’s twists and turns required unconventional solutions.

As Serenity walked down the aisle, she couldn’t help but feel a mix of emotions. She was stepping into an unknown future with a man she hardly knew, all for the sake of her family. But she also knew that she was strong and capable, and this marriage was a means to an end. Serenity had a plan, and she was determined to see it through.

The autumn breeze, which had been her solace in the midst of life’s turmoil, now carried with it the promise of change. Serenity and Zachary were embarking on a journey neither had expected, and only time would reveal what fate had in store for them. In the end, it was a story of two people coming together for the sake of family, and perhaps, in the process, finding something they never knew they were looking for: a connection that defied conventional expectations and a love that might just blossom in the most unexpected of circumstances.


Novel Details : Married at First Sight

Tittle Married at First Sight
Gu Lingfei
Publisher GoodNovel
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.3

How To Read Novel Married at First Sight Full Episode

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