How To Read Novel Prince, You Are So Cheap Full Episode


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“I can finally marry you,” he whispered with a smile as sweet as a peach blossom, its radiance outshining the entire garden, making the vibrant spring colors pale in comparison. His eyes sparkled with an affection that had grown over time, a love that had weathered trials and tribulations, and now they stood on the precipice of a new beginning.

But as the two of them basked in the joy of their impending union, a cacophony of shouts from a man by the city gate tower pierced the air, drowning out the serenity of the moment. His voice was filled with a relentless determination, a warning that resonated through the very bones of those who heard it. “If you dare to marry him,” he thundered, “I will make sure you die.”

The abrupt intrusion of these menacing words sent shockwaves through the crowd that had gathered to witness the marriage ceremony. The onlookers exchanged worried glances, and an unsettling tension gripped the air. Who was this man, and what grievances did he bear?

Yet, as the turmoil unfolded, the bride-to-be stood still, her gaze fixed on her groom. Her heart, like a compass needle, had always pointed to him from the very beginning. Her love for him was unwavering and true, and nothing could shake her resolve.

Their love story had not been without its challenges. It had been a journey filled with ups and downs, with external forces and internal struggles. But their bond had withstood the test of time, and they had found their way back to each other. This marriage was the culmination of their enduring love, a love that had blossomed like the most beautiful peach blossom.

The man by the city gate tower continued to shout, his threats growing more vehement, but it was as though his words fell on deaf ears. The bride’s heart was steadfast, her choice unwavering. She understood that love was not always smooth sailing; it was often beset by storms, and she was willing to weather them all.

As the ceremony proceeded, the couple exchanged their vows, their love shining brighter than any spring day. They were ready to embark on this new chapter of their lives, hand in hand, facing whatever challenges lay ahead.

The man’s warnings continued, but the couple paid him no heed. Love, after all, was about following one’s heart and staying true to the person who had captured it. Their love had already endured trials and tribulations, and it was resilient, like the peach blossoms that bloom year after year, undeterred by the changing seasons.

In the end, the bride and groom celebrated their love, their union, and their future together. The man by the city gate tower, with his threats and warnings, faded into the background, a mere echo of the past.

As the couple stood together, they knew that their love was stronger than any opposition, that they were bound by an unbreakable bond that had been tested and found unshakable. And in each other’s arms, they found the promise of a love that would continue to shine as brightly as a peach blossom, defying all odds and illuminating their path forward.


Novel Details : Prince, You Are So Cheap

Tittle Prince, You Are So Cheap
Mò Jǐn
Publisher readnovel
Genre Fantasy Harem Romance
Subtitle Chinese
Rating 5./5 3.5

How To Read Novel Prince, You Are So Cheap Full Episode

The novel named Prince, You Are So Cheap is incredibly exciting to read. You can read this novel through the Goodnovel application which you can get on the google play store by searching for “Prince, You Are So Cheap” in the search menu for the Goodnovel application or simply open here.

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