How To Read Novel A Cue for Love Full Episode


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Six years ago, the story of a shattered family began with an act of unimaginable betrayal. Evelyn, the elder sister, committed unspeakable horrors against her own flesh and blood. In a cruel twist of fate, she had maimed her younger sister’s face, taken her virginity, and cruelly separated her from two innocent babies. All of these malevolent acts were orchestrated with a single goal in mind: to usurp her sister’s identity and place in the world.

For six long years, the scars of that night ran deep. But as the passage of time wore on, it only served to steel the resolve of the younger sister, who harbored an unwavering determination to make a triumphant return to her rightful life. With a strength that could only be drawn from the love for her children and the burning desire for justice, she decided to confront the sister who had wronged her.

After years of separation, her four adorable children, born of a father she had grown to despise, finally reunited with their mother. United by love and a shared mission, they made a resolute decision: to abandon their father and create their own destiny. Their mother, a genius doctor who had made a name for herself in the medical world, possessed the knowledge and skill set to build a thriving business.

Together, this family would forge their path, take the world by storm, and leave their past of suffering far behind. They were a formidable team, and their unwavering determination would propel them forward, ready to overcome the challenges that lay ahead.

As life began to regain its normalcy and the family started rebuilding their bonds, an unexpected development unfolded. Late at night, the aloof multibillionaire, the father of the four children, stood in the doorway, watching his wife. There was an unusual vulnerability in his voice as he softly uttered, “Sweetie, the floor is cold. Can I sleep on the bed?”

Out of pity and perhaps a flicker of understanding, she agreed. Little did she know that this simple act of compassion would lead to an unexpected revelation. In the next moment, she found herself pinned under the weight of the man who had been absent from her life for so long.

The years of estrangement and the pain they had inflicted on each other were heavy burdens to bear, and as the two lay entwined, a maelstrom of emotions washed over them. Resentment, anger, and longing fought for dominance, as the family’s complex and tumultuous journey took an unexpected turn.

The story was a tapestry of betrayal, loss, and ultimate redemption, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and a testament to the power of love and determination to heal even the deepest wounds. As the family embarked on their journey to rebuild their lives, they were about to face the most profound and challenging chapter yet: confronting their past and finding a way to heal together as a family.


Novel Details : A Cue for Love

Tittle A Cue for Love
Pamela Leonard
Publisher Bravonovel
Genre Contemporary Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.2

How To Read Novel A Cue for Love Full Episode

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