How To Read Novel ALWAYS BEEN YOURS Full Episode


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Five years had passed since the traumatic events that had forever altered Tessa Reinhart’s life. It had been a calculated move, a cruel ploy to wrench her from her own flesh and blood. She had been forced to deliver a child and then cruelly separated from the precious little one she had brought into the world.

The scars from that ordeal ran deep, but life continued its relentless march forward. Tessa, now living in a different town, had managed to rebuild her life, finding solace in her work and the few friends who stood by her side during those dark days. But the void left by her missing child remained, a wound that refused to fully heal.

It was on a seemingly ordinary day, one marked by the passage of time, that a little boy entered Tessa’s life, carrying with him the hope of brighter days. He was cute and full of innocent curiosity, his eyes brimming with the wonders of the world. He approached Tessa with a question that tugged at her heartstrings, “Miss Tessa, do you like me?”

Tessa couldn’t help but smile, genuinely touched by the child’s innocence. “Yes,” she replied with warmth, “I absolutely like you.” The boy’s face lit up, and he nodded enthusiastically. “You’re my most favorite, Miss Tessa.”

Little did she know, the boy’s father had been watching their interaction closely, waiting for the perfect opportunity to confront Tessa. He was a man of determination, and he had harbored feelings for her since the moment they met. He saw this as the right moment to confront her with a question of his own, and he took it. He seized the chance to trap her in a room, his intentions clear as he pressed forward.

“Tessa Reinhart, do you fancy me?” he asked, his gaze penetrating and unwavering. Tessa felt her heart race as she weighed her response carefully. The memories of her past, her pain, and her fear loomed in the background, but she couldn’t let them dictate her future.

In a voice that held a firm resolve, she replied, “No, I don’t.” Her words hung in the air, a declaration of her truth, no matter how difficult it was to utter.

The man took a moment to process her response, his expression a mix of disappointment and determination. Then he commented, “Oh, in that case… I’ll try my hardest to make you fall for me.”

Tessa Reinhart was once again on the precipice of a life-altering moment, facing the possibility of love and healing after the scars of her past. The man’s determination to win her heart was evident, and for the first time in years, Tessa allowed herself to hope that perhaps, just perhaps, the future held the promise of mending her broken heart. The innocent boy had opened a door that had long been shut, and Tessa was faced with a choice—to embrace the chance for love and happiness or to let the pain of the past continue to define her future.


Publisher Webnovel
Genre Contemporary Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.5

How To Read Novel ALWAYS BEEN YOURS Full Episode

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