How To Read Novel Back and Better Full Episode


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Amira Warner had endured years of torment and cruelty at the hands of her main bully, the Alpha of her pack, Erebus Lake. She was outcast and bullied relentlessly, her spirit slowly eroding under the weight of their ruthless persecution. The pain was unbearable, and Amira yearned for an escape, a way out of the toxic environment that had defined her life for far too long.

Her salvation came in the form of an opportunity, a chance to find refuge in another pack. Amira didn’t hesitate; she jumped at the chance to leave behind the pack that had caused her so much pain. It was a difficult decision, but she knew that she had to break free from the torment that had shackled her for years.

The day of her departure was both liberating and terrifying. As Amira left her old life behind, a sudden revelation struck her like a bolt of lightning: Erebus was her mate. In that moment, it felt like the cruel hand of fate had played a cruel trick on her. How could her tormentor, the one who had made her life a living hell, be her destined mate?

But it was too late to turn back. Amira had made her choice, and she was determined to become the strong, independent woman she had always been destined to be. She refused to be bound by the mate bond, no matter how powerful it may have been. Her resolve was unshakable; she would never allow anyone to treat her as subpar again.

Eighteen months passed, during which Amira thrived in her new pack. She embraced her true self, blossoming into a confident and fierce wolf. Her time away had transformed her into the badass she was born to be, and she relished in her newfound strength and independence.

But destiny had other plans. The day arrived when she had to return to her original pack to help with training. The mere thought of facing Erebus again sent shivers down her spine, but Amira’s determination remained unwavering. She had endured too much to back down now.

As she stepped back into her old pack’s territory, Amira couldn’t help but notice a change in Erebus. He no longer wore the mask of cruelty and arrogance that he once did. His personality had shifted, revealing a different side of him. It was a confusing and unexpected transformation, one that left Amira questioning her resolve.

Erebus seemed determined to win her over, his charm and newfound kindness making it difficult for Amira to hold onto her resentment. But she knew that she couldn’t let herself be swayed by his changed demeanor. The wounds of the past ran deep, and she couldn’t forget the years of torment she had endured.

Amira faced a difficult decision: would she let her past define her and reject Erebus, or would she open her heart to the possibility of love? All she knew for sure was that she would never allow anyone to treat her poorly again. The choice was hers to make, and she had to determine whether Erebus’s transformation was genuine or simply a ploy to win her back. The battle for her heart and future had just begun, and Amira was determined to make the right choice for herself, no matter how challenging it might be.

Novel Details : Back and Better

Tittle Back and Better
Publisher Dreame
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.8

How To Read Novel Back and Better Full Episode

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