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Diane’s heart pounded like a drum in her chest, each beat echoing the disbelief that reverberated through her entire being. Norman’s words hung in the air like a bitter fog, and she was desperately trying to dispel them as some cruel prank, a misplaced joke in the midst of an otherwise normal day. They had been together for so long, through the trials and tribulations of university life, that it was unfathomable to imagine that their love story would come to such an abrupt and painful end.

She looked into Norman’s eyes, searching for a glimmer of mirth, a hint of a playful grin, anything that would tell her this was all a terrible jest. But the solemnity in his gaze told a different story, one that was fraught with sorrow and uncertainty. As she struggled to free her hand from his grip, she found herself gripping his arm in return, as if the physical connection could anchor her in a reality where this wasn’t happening.

Diane had always been a traditional woman, one who believed in the sanctity of love and commitment. She had waited patiently for Norman before they tied the knot, and their wedding day had been a culmination of their dreams, a promise to spend the rest of their lives together. She had been ready to embrace the future with Norman by her side, facing the world as a team.

But now, just one year into their marriage, she felt like the rug had been pulled out from under her. The memories of their journey together flashed before her eyes: the late-night study sessions, the laughter, the tears, the shared dreams. How had it all led to this moment of heartbreak and despair?

Norman finally spoke, his voice tinged with regret and sadness. “Diane, I didn’t plan for any of this. I never imagined we would be here. But life is unpredictable, and I can’t go on like this. We’re not the same people we were in university, and I need to find my own path.”

Her grip on his arm tightened, a mixture of anger and desperation rising within her. “But we’re a team, Norman! We promised to face everything together, no matter what.”

He nodded, a tear escaping from his eye and tracing a glistening path down his cheek. “I know, and I never wanted to break that promise. But I’ve changed, and I can’t ignore it any longer. I need to find myself, my own purpose.”

Diane’s mind raced, searching for a solution, for a way to turn back time and recapture the love and happiness they had shared. She thought of the dreams they had built together, the future they had envisioned. It was all slipping away, like sand through her fingers, and she couldn’t bear the thought of losing Norman.

“Is there no way we can work through this, Norman? Can’t we find a compromise? Please, don’t give up on us so easily,” she pleaded.

Norman sighed, his shoulders slumping with the weight of his decision. “I wish it were that simple, Diane. But it’s not just about us anymore; it’s about me finding my own path and purpose in life. I hope you can understand.”

Understanding was a distant dream, and acceptance felt like an impossible task for Diane in that moment. But as Norman’s words settled in, she realized that love sometimes meant letting go, even if it tore your heart into pieces. She had always believed in the strength of their love, but now she had to confront the painful reality that sometimes, love couldn’t conquer all.

With a heavy heart, Diane released her grip on Norman’s arm, letting go of not just his physical presence, but the future they had planned together. The love that had once been the foundation of her world was now crumbling, and she had to find the strength to face a new reality, a reality where Norman was no longer her everything.


Novel Details : Be A Couple for One Year

Tittle Be A Couple for One Year
Jamie George
Publisher KiKistory
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.8

How To Read Novel Be A Couple for One Year Full Episode

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