How To Read Novel Dear Ex-Wife Back My Son Full Episode


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Anika’s life had always been a silent struggle. Born with a hearing impairment, she had never heard the tender words of her mother’s love. She faced a world that seemed to constantly remind her of her disability, and this unforgiving world was no more evident than in her marriage to Joshua.

Joshua was, by all appearances, the ideal husband. Rich, intelligent, and attractive, he was the embodiment of a perfect partner. However, their marriage remained unconsummated even after three long years. It was a void in their relationship, a silence that mirrored Anika’s own world.

To make matters worse, Joshua’s friends were unrelenting in their cruelty. They mocked Anika for her disability, making her feel like an outcast in her own home. The constant humiliation left scars on her heart, and she felt the isolation deepen with each passing day.

Joshua’s mother added to Anika’s torment. She believed that, as a disabled woman, Anika should always stay out of the public eye. It was a harsh and unfounded judgment that further marginalized her. Anika, with her unique perspective on life, could have contributed so much more to the world if only given the chance.

The breaking point came when Joshua’s former love returned from abroad. She was a potent reminder of the life Anika could never fully embrace, and she declared war on Anika. In a scathing display of jealousy, she questioned whether Joshua had ever expressed his love for Anika.

Anika was heartbroken. She had loved Joshua throughout their twelve-year relationship, but it seemed to be nothing more than unrequited love. The pain was unbearable, and she made the difficult decision to let him go. “Joshua, let’s get a divorce,” she bravely declared, thinking she was giving him what he wanted.

But Joshua’s response was unexpected and cruel. He locked her up in their home, using his physical strength to imprison her. “If you want to leave, you’ll have to step over my dead body!” he threatened, tightening his grip on her freedom. Anika, now imprisoned not only by her disability but also by her husband, found herself in a nightmarish situation.

Her isolation and despair deepened. She yearned for a world where love was not defined by appearances or by the ability to hear, but by the depth of one’s heart. Anika knew she deserved more, and her determination to find her own voice grew stronger with each passing day.

She began seeking legal advice, reaching out to organizations that supported people with disabilities. She was determined to break free from the chains that bound her, to finally experience the love and freedom she so desperately craved. Anika’s story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the resilience of those who refuse to be silenced by prejudice and cruelty.

As she embarked on this difficult journey to reclaim her life, Anika carried with her the hope that one day, her world would no longer be defined by silence but by the triumphant sound of her own voice.


Novel Details : Dear Ex-Wife Back My Son

Tittle Dear Ex-Wife Back My Son
Lesley Harte
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.7

How To Read Novel Dear Ex-Wife Back My Son Full Episode

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