How To Read Novel Flawless and Flirtacious Full Episode


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For two decades, I had carried the weight of an unrequited love. A love that had burned fiercely in my heart, even as it remained unspoken and unreciprocated. He was the man who had filled my dreams, the one I had yearned for with an intensity that bordered on obsession. And eventually, fate had granted me my deepest desire—I had married him.

However, as the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, I realized that he was not the man I had idealized in my dreams. The reality of our life together was far from the fairy tale I had envisioned. Instead of the tender and caring partner I had hoped for, I found myself entangled with a man who seemed determined to ruin me, piece by piece.

The love that had sustained me for two decades was now replaced by a bitter regret. The man I had placed on a pedestal had become the source of my torment. Each day felt like a slow descent into a never-ending nightmare. It was a torment that threatened to consume my very soul.

In the midst of my despair, a glimmer of hope appeared on the horizon. Another man, who had also been ensnared in a cruel twist of fate, arrived on the scene. He stepped out of a car and made a bold and audacious proposition: he asked for my hand in marriage. His promise was simple yet laden with the weight of vengeance—he vowed to avenge me.

I was taken aback by his proposal. Here was a stranger, a man I had never met, offering me a lifeline in my darkest hour. It was a proposal born of mutual suffering, a shared sense of injustice, and a determination to make things right. He was willing to stand up against the man who had wronged me and ensure that justice was served.

In that moment, I believed that I had found my savior, my escape from the torment of my current marriage. Without hesitation, I accepted his proposal. It felt like a chance at redemption, a way to break free from the chains that bound me to a man who had shattered my dreams.

But as the days passed, I began to realize the true nature of my new husband. He was not a knight in shining armor, nor a savior in the conventional sense. He was a man who operated in the shadows, a dangerous figure with his own agenda. My decision to marry him was not an escape from one torment; it had led me into another.

In my desperation, I begged for a divorce. I longed to extricate myself from this new marriage, to find a way back to the life I had known before. But my pleas fell on deaf ears as my new husband trapped me in his embrace. He spoke words that sent shivers down my spine, declaring that he would rather be a widower than grant me the freedom I sought.

I had unknowingly exchanged one torment for another, and I was trapped in a web of danger and deceit. The promise of vengeance had come at a steep cost, and I found myself ensnared in a complex and perilous web of emotions and intentions.

As I struggled to navigate this treacherous path, I came to realize that the man who had once offered me hope was not as straightforward as he had appeared. The lines between love and vengeance blurred, and I was left with a haunting question—was there a way out of this tangled web, or had I simply traded one form of torment for another in my relentless pursuit of happiness?

Novel Details : Flawless and Flirtacious

Tittle Flawless and Flirtacious
Publisher Tapon
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.8

How To Read Novel Flawless and Flirtacious Full Episode

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