How To Read Novel Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money Full Episode


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Aristine’s life had taken an unexpected turn. She was a princess, but not the one everyone saw. Hidden away from the Emperor’s sight, she held a secret power – the [Monarch’s Sight], which allowed her to see the past, future, and present. Her life was a series of political maneuvers, and she was now a pawn in a political marriage, married off to a barbarian.

The barbarian was rumored to be a terrifying figure, but when Aristine finally met him, she found him to be surprisingly normal. He treated her kindly, and his words were nothing like the monstrous reputation that had preceded him. There was, however, one major obstacle – he already had a lover.

Aristine was in a complex situation. She was married to a man who was already in love with someone else, and yet he was far from the fearsome monster she had expected. In this peculiar triangle, Aristine decided to make the best of her situation. She resolved to achieve her dream of living freely and independently on a pile of money.

“The most precious things should naturally be given to my bride,” her husband declared. Though she knew his heart belonged to another, she saw this as an opportunity to build her wealth and independence. With her unique abilities, she delved into the world of predictions and investments, gradually amassing gold.

Aristine was resourceful and determined, and she used her [Monarch’s Sight] to make calculated decisions. She saw opportunities that others couldn’t, and soon, her wealth began to grow. She invested wisely and ventured into various enterprises. Her husband, despite his affection for another, supported her endeavors.

As the days passed, Aristine’s relationship with her husband evolved. He began to respect her for her achievements and independence. Although he had a lover, he found himself growing closer to his wife as well. Aristine’s charm and intelligence were impossible to ignore, and their relationship became more complex and multifaceted.

In the end, Aristine had managed to make her dream come true. She had become a wealthy and independent woman, while also carving out a unique place in her husband’s heart. The complexities of their relationships defied societal norms, but they had found their own way of making it work.

Aristine’s journey was not without its challenges and uncertainties, but she had turned a political marriage into an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Her unique abilities and determination had allowed her to shape her destiny, and in the process, she had transformed the lives of those around her. The story of Aristine’s unconventional path to wealth and love was a testament to the power of determination and the unexpected ways in which life’s twists and turns can lead to fulfillment and happiness.

Novel Details : Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money

Tittle Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money
JU Hyeon
Publisher Kakaopage
Lucy Novel
Genre Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life
Subtitle Korean
Rating 5./5 4.0

How To Read Novel Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money Full Episode

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