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Sofia had always known that her relationship with Finley was a complicated one. They had shared moments of passion and tenderness, but there was an underlying tension that often simmered beneath the surface. It was a connection forged in both love and distrust, and it seemed that the time for reckoning had arrived.

As they stood in the moonlit courtyard, Finley’s words cut through the cool night air like a blade. “Tell me, Sofia, have you ever loved me, or were you always playing a game? Tell me!” His voice was laced with anger and desperation, and his grip on her had become unbearably tight.

With a sudden surge of strength, Finley lifted Sofia off the ground, his powerful arms carrying her forcefully into the opulent villa. The luxurious surroundings were a stark contrast to the turmoil of emotions that swirled within the living room.

Sofia was unceremoniously deposited onto a sumptuous leather sofa, her heart racing as she tried to make sense of the situation. Finley’s imposing figure loomed over her, his handsome features marred by anger and confusion. He leaned down, pinching her cheek with icy fingers, his gaze piercing her very soul.

“Sofia, I was ready to let you off the hook, but why did you hurt Ellie?” Finley’s voice was fraught with frustration and anguish. Ellie Hill, his adopted sister, had always been a source of tension between them. Sofia’s actions had seemingly aggravated an already fragile relationship.

Sofia, her eyes brimming with tears, protested vehemently, “I didn’t, Finley! I didn’t even push her! She fell on her own! She set me up! She did it on purpose! She framed me!”

The accusation hung heavily in the air, and both of them stood locked in a tense standoff. Sofia had always struggled to understand Ellie’s intense fixation on Finley. She had sensed an undercurrent of rivalry and jealousy that had puzzled her, even as she tried to navigate her own feelings for Finley.

The room was silent, save for the weight of their unspoken emotions. Finley’s gaze bore into Sofia’s, and for a moment, it seemed as though he was searching for the truth within her eyes. He had invested his heart in this complex relationship, and he longed for clarity and closure.

The tension in the room reached a breaking point, and in a sudden, explosive moment, a loud slap echoed through the air. Both Sofia and Finley froze, their eyes locked in a bewildered and disbelieving gaze. Sofia’s cheek stung from the force of the blow, and she stared at her beloved fiancé, who had just struck her.

For a moment, time seemed to stand still as the realization of what had transpired washed over them. Sofia’s eyes welled up with tears, her heart aching from both the physical pain and the emotional wounds inflicted by this shocking turn of events.

The love and confusion that had defined their relationship had now been overshadowed by a violent act that left them both reeling. Sofia couldn’t fathom how they had reached this point, a place where trust and love had given way to anger and suspicion.

In the wake of the slap, the room remained heavy with unspoken words, a testament to the fractured state of their once-devoted love. Sofia had hoped for clarity, but now she was faced with a new reality, one in which her beloved fiancé had lashed out in anger and the unresolved tension surrounding Ellie Hill had reached a breaking point.

Their relationship, once built on love, was now shrouded in pain and doubt, and Sofia knew that the path ahead would be fraught with challenges and difficult decisions. As she looked into Finley’s eyes, she wondered if there was any way to repair the damage that had been done and restore the love they had once shared.

Novel Details : Goodbye, My Wretched Love!

Tittle Goodbye, My Wretched Love!
Dolly Molly
Publisher iReader
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.2

How To Read Novel Goodbye, My Wretched Love! Full Episode

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