How To Read Novel Heartbeat Will Speak Full Episode


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In the quaint town of Londsville, the Lynch family had long been a symbol of wealth and prestige. Sebastian Lynch, the scion of this illustrious lineage, was a man of undeniable renown. With his chiseled features, striking charisma, and undeniable wealth, he had the town at his feet. Sebastian’s reputation was built on a foundation of unyielding principles, a life where he controlled every facet of his existence. Until one day, when a sinister force threatened to dismantle the carefully constructed walls he had built around himself.

It all began with a marriage, one that was forced upon Sebastian against his will. The orchestrator of this devious plot was a mute woman named Tamara Simmons. Tamara had a reputation for being shrewd and cunning, and it was not long before her true intentions became apparent. She had discovered a secret from Sebastian’s past, one he had been desperate to keep hidden. With this knowledge in her hands, Tamara blackmailed him into matrimony, a union that neither of them desired.

Sebastian’s reaction was not one of acquiescence. Instead, he adopted an ice-cold demeanor, attempting to establish dominance over the situation. “You’re not allowed to go out,” he decreed, “otherwise, it’s grounds for divorce.” His words were laced with a sinister promise, as if he were challenging Tamara to cross his boundaries.

But Tamara, ever the cunning manipulator, proved to be more than a match for Sebastian’s coldness. She would nod obediently to his demands, her silence speaking volumes. Behind her demure facade, she kept a trail of suitors, a silent rebellion against her husband’s tyranny.

Every day, Tamara would casually stroll out of their opulent mansion, as if defying Sebastian’s ironclad rules. The town’s gossip mills buzzed with speculation about her activities. The walls of their home seemed to grow tighter, and the tension between husband and wife escalated.

Sebastian added another clause to their unspoken contract, “No getting close to other men. Otherwise, it’s grounds for divorce.” His voice held a dangerous edge, and his eyes burned with jealousy. He watched her like a hawk, wary of any signs of betrayal.

However, Tamara remained unfazed, weaving her web of intrigue without a single misstep. Her suitors circled her like moths to a flame, their advances unnoticed by her seemingly oblivious demeanor. She maintained her silence, a mask that hid her true intentions.

Then came the day when Sebastian and Tamara were scheduled to visit the marriage bureau for a critical appointment. But as the hours ticked away, Sebastian never appeared. Tamara, with a peculiar serenity, had arrived at the appointed place on time. When she returned home, she confronted Sebastian, demanding an explanation for his absence.

In that moment, Sebastian’s eyes transformed from their usual icy veneer to a fiery rage. “I don’t want a divorce,” he hissed, his voice laced with anger and frustration. It was then that Tamara’s scheme revealed itself. She had used the threat of divorce, a weapon Sebastian had wielded against her, to keep him ensnared in their twisted union.

The tables had turned, and Sebastian found himself trapped in a marriage he never wanted, blackmailed into submission by a woman whose silence masked a cunning intellect. In this volatile game of power and revenge, it was unclear who would emerge victorious. But one thing was certain: the Lynch family, with all its wealth and prestige, was teetering on the brink of scandal and disgrace, and Sebastian Lynch’s carefully controlled world was unraveling before his eyes.


Novel Details : Heartbeat Will Speak

Tittle Heartbeat Will Speak
Luna Howl
Publisher Goodnovel
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.1

How To Read Novel Heartbeat Will Speak Full Episode

The novel named Heartbeat Will Speak is incredibly exciting to read. You can read this novel through the Goodnovel application which you can get on the google play store by searching for “Heartbeat Will Speak” in the search menu for the Goodnovel application or simply open here.

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