How To Read Novel Hiding The CEO’s Twins Full Episode


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Shanbri was a simple and down-to-earth girl, leading a life that couldn’t be further from the extravagant world of the rich and powerful. Her boyfriend, Kenji Yael, was a billionaire CEO, the embodiment of wealth and success. Despite the stark contrast in their backgrounds, their love for each other was genuine and unconditional.

For Shanbri, Kenji’s affluence was never a point of contention. She loved him for the person he was, not for the riches he possessed. Their love transcended the barriers of money and status, or so she believed.

One fateful day, Shanbri stumbled upon a truth that shattered her world. She discovered that Kenji was engaged to another woman, a revelation that pierced her heart with pain and betrayal. Feeling hurt and deceived, she made the difficult decision to leave him behind and escape to a distant place to heal her broken heart.

Before her departure, in a moment of vulnerability and emotional turmoil, she gave herself to Kenji as a bittersweet token of her love for him. It was a farewell, a poignant goodbye to the man she had thought would be her forever.

As time passed, Shanbri discovered that she was pregnant with Kenji’s child. Conflicted and afraid of his reaction, she chose to keep her pregnancy a secret from him. The weight of this truth burdened her, but she was determined to protect her child from any potential upheaval.

Four long years passed, and Shanbri’s life had changed dramatically. She had become a mother to beautiful twins, a boy and a girl, and they were the light of her life. She had rebuilt her world, her heart still scarred but strong in her love for her children.

Then, an unexpected twist of fate brought Kenji Yael back into her life. He was to become her new boss, a development she hadn’t anticipated. The past they had shared, the misunderstandings, and the pain resurfaced as they crossed paths once more.

Shanbri’s secret was still hidden, but her heart was aching with the unresolved issues of their past. Would Kenji Yael finally learn the truth about her children and the depth of her love for him? Would they be able to clear the misunderstandings that had torn them apart? Could they find a way to rekindle the love they had once shared, to fight for their future together?

The reunion was a mixture of emotions, a blend of apprehension, longing, and the desire for clarity. Shanbri knew that the road ahead would be filled with challenges, but the love she still held for Kenji and the bond between them, forged through both happiness and pain, gave her the strength to face whatever lay ahead.

The twins, their existence hidden from their father, represented a connection that couldn’t be ignored. Shanbri hoped that, ultimately, the love between Kenji, herself, and their children would prevail, leading to a new beginning and, finally, a happy ending that would unite their family once and for all.

Novel Details : Hiding The CEO’s Twins

Tittle Hiding The CEO’s Twins
Publisher Bravonovel
Genre Billionaire, Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.5

How To Read Novel Hiding The CEO’s Twins Full Episode

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