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She had been married to her husband for a year, but the bond they shared was more in name than in substance. Their relationship had dwindled into a mere coexistence, devoid of love, passion, or companionship. They were two strangers living under the same roof, going through the motions of a marriage that had long lost its luster. In the midst of this emotional void, her mother-in-law had been exerting relentless pressure on her to bear a child, to breathe life into a loveless union.

As their first wedding anniversary approached, she had hoped for a change, for a sign that things could improve. But little did she expect the surprise that awaited her.

On the morning of their anniversary, she walked into the dining room to find it adorned with flowers, candles, and a beautifully set table. Her husband, usually aloof and distant, stood there with a warm, genuine smile. He had prepared a sumptuous breakfast, and his eyes sparkled with a glimmer of hope and affection that had been missing for far too long.

She was shocked, taken aback by this sudden transformation. Could it be that their loveless marriage was finally showing signs of life? Her heart raced with a newfound optimism.

But the illusion of a rekindled romance was shattered as quickly as it had appeared. After breakfast, her husband presented her with a small velvet box. Inside was a diamond necklace, undoubtedly a symbol of their anniversary, but not a symbol of his devotion. Hidden within the necklace’s delicate pendant was a tiny, concealed camera.

Shocked and deeply hurt, she realized that he had never truly changed. He had only used their anniversary as an opportunity to further his deceit. In her eyes, this was the final betrayal, the last straw.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore,” she declared, her voice trembling with anger and disappointment. “Since you’ve betrayed me once again, don’t blame me for what you’re going to face.”

The decision was made. She was determined to divorce him, to free herself from the chains of a loveless marriage and his manipulative games. She had endured enough, and it was time to seek happiness on her own terms.

Not long after the divorce was finalized, she found herself in a new chapter of her life, hoping to leave the past behind. But fate had other plans. In her attempt to move forward, she unwittingly provoked a mysterious man. His aura exuded danger and intrigue, and she couldn’t escape the feeling that she had made a grave mistake.

“I’m sorry,” she stammered, realizing that she had crossed a line. “I shouldn’t have messed with you.”

But it was too late. The mysterious man, whose motives and intentions remained shrouded in secrecy, held her in his arms, preventing any chance of escape. His voice was low, his tone unwavering.

“You’re pregnant with my child,” he declared, his words sending shockwaves through her. “So you can never run away from me.”

The revelation left her speechless, her world once again turned upside down. She was trapped in a web of mystery, betrayal, and newfound responsibilities. She couldn’t escape the enigmatic man who now claimed a connection to her through their unborn child, and she had no choice but to confront the secrets and challenges that lay ahead.

As she navigated this unexpected twist of fate, she would discover that the path to her own happiness was more complex and perilous than she had ever imagined. The journey ahead was uncertain, and the enigmatic man would play a significant role in shaping the next chapter of her life.

Novel Details : His Precious Love

Tittle His Precious Love
Publisher BravoNovel
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.8

How To Read Novel His Precious Love Full Episode

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