How To Read Novel His Promise: The Mafia’s Babies Full Episode


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Serena’s life had taken an unexpected turn when she found herself pregnant after a one-night stand with a ruthless mobster, Christian. The last thing she had ever anticipated was getting involved with a man like him, let alone falling for him. Her life had been quite different before that night, working as a stripper to make ends meet.

Christian, on the other hand, was the heir to a powerful mafia family, and his life was filled with danger, power, and secrecy. When he learned about Serena’s pregnancy, he knew that things were about to become even more complicated.

Serena was a calm and collected woman, while Christian was fearless and outspoken, making them an unlikely pair. But despite their differences, they were determined to make their situation work. Christian, however, had a plan in mind – he insisted on a fake engagement to protect Serena and their unborn child. This decision would force Serena into the extravagant but perilous world of the mafia, a stark contrast to her previous life.

As Serena tried her best to fit into the luxurious lifestyle of the mafia family, Christian fought tooth and nail to keep his loved ones safe from the dangerous world they inhabited. Their relationship was built on a foundation of secrecy and deception, and the fake engagement was a facade they needed to maintain.

However, their carefully constructed plans began to unravel when the truth about Serena’s birth parents, a truth hidden from her for so long, came to light. The unexpected revelation shook the very core of their relationship.

Their initial agreement had been simple – to play pretend until the baby was born, and to avoid falling in love. But as they spent more time together and faced the challenges of their unconventional relationship, their hearts became entangled in a way that neither of them had foreseen.

Christian was now faced with the responsibility of not only protecting the mother of his unborn child but also grappling with his growing feelings for her. Breaking their initial rule seemed inevitable, and they both had to confront their emotions and the consequences of their actions.

Amidst the chaos, Christian was determined to keep his promise, not only to Serena but also to himself. The love they had for each other was undeniable, but the dangers of the mafia world and their complicated pasts threatened to tear them apart.

Their journey was one filled with danger, passion, and unexpected love, and the question remained: would they be able to overcome the challenges and keep their promise, or would their love story have a different, more tragic ending?

Novel Details : His Promise: The Mafia’s Babies

Tittle His Promise: The Mafia’s Babies
C. Tamika
Publisher Bravonovel
Genre Mafia
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.1

How To Read Novel His Promise: The Mafia’s Babies Full Episode

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