How To Read Novel Honey, You Never Loved Me Full Episode


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In the quiet corners of my heart, there lies a secret, one that I held close for nine long years. A secret born of love, one that was equal parts beautiful and painful. It was a love that began when we were young, when life was simple, and hearts were pure. It was a love that led me to follow him like a shadow, my silent admiration hidden in the corners of my heart. Nicholas Forger, the name that danced on the lips of every girl in our small town, was the object of my affection, and little did I know that our destinies were intertwined in ways that would surprise us both.

As the years passed, and we grew from childhood into adulthood, something extraordinary happened. Nicholas became not just the object of my admiration but the man I eventually married. The bond that had been nurtured in secret now found its way into the open, and I, the once-adoring shadow, became his wife.

But life is a master of unpredictability. The love story I had penned in my heart for nine years took an unexpected turn when it was brought into the glaring light of reality. Nicholas, the same man I had followed with unwavering devotion, was not the person I had envisioned. He did not shower me with the love and mercy I had longed for. The stark contrast between my fantasies and the stark reality of our life together left me bewildered and heartbroken.

I made desperate attempts to capture his affection, to win his love, and to uncover that warm heart that had eluded me for so long. I even resorted to the threat of divorce and invoked my family’s influence, hoping that these measures would finally melt the icy façade he wore. But nothing changed. The Nicholas I had married was distant, unyielding, and indifferent.

It was during the darkest moments of contemplating divorce that I had a profound realization. My love for Nicholas was, and had always been, one-sided. The years of secret admiration, the dreams I had woven around him, and the deep yearning in my heart had never been reciprocated. The man I had loved with such fervor was not the person I had married. The person I had fallen for, the one I had followed like a shadow in my youth, was a creation of my own imagination.

The divorce was painful, a severing of the ties that had bound us together, but it was also liberating. It was a release from the years of unfulfilled longing and the shackles of a love that existed only in my heart. The separation allowed me to finally see that my nine-year love affair had been a fantasy, a figment of my own creation.

As I moved forward, away from Nicholas and the illusion of love that had entrapped me for so long, I learned a valuable lesson. Love, to be fulfilling and genuine, must be a mutual exchange of emotions and affection. One-sided love, no matter how intense or enduring, ultimately leaves the heart barren. My story with Nicholas was a poignant reminder that the love we feel in our hearts must also be reflected in the actions and affections of the one we hold dear.

In the end, my journey of nine years led me not to the moon and back, as I had once believed, but to a deeper understanding of the complexity of love and the importance of reciprocation. The secret that had been buried within me for so long was no longer a burden but a testament to my capacity to love and, ultimately, to let go.


Novel Details : Honey, You Never Loved Me

Tittle Honey, You Never Loved Me
Publisher Joyread
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.0

How To Read Novel Honey, You Never Loved Me Full Episode

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