How To Read Novel Incubus Banishment Full Episode


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In a world where one’s destiny was determined by their innate talents, aptly known as “Gifts,” the main character, Erio Scarlet, was born into the prestigious house of an influential noble family known for producing numerous Holy Knights. The conferment ceremony was a highly anticipated event in their society, a time when one’s Gift would be revealed, shaping their future and potential contributions to the world.

However, Erio’s life took an unexpected and scandalous turn when his Gift manifested as the mysterious “Incubus.” What made his situation even more humiliating was the sole accompanying skill, a skill that could only be described as embarrassing – “Peerless.” It was a name that did not sit well with the traditional values of his noble family, and Erio found himself on the receiving end of harsh judgment and ostracism.

Unable to bear the burden of his indecent existence, Erio was ultimately banished from the city, cast out from the family that had once held high hopes for him to become a Holy Knight. As he wandered through the wilderness, trying to find his place in the world, he soon discovered that his Gift held a surprising potential for growth, provided he could control his urges.

Erio’s unexpected journey took another turn when his childhood friend, who had been bestowed with the Gift of a “Sacred Knight,” discovered his whereabouts. Her love for Erio drove her to seek him out, and in a twist of fate, their relationship took an unexpected, intimate turn.

During their passionate encounter, an array of powerful indecent skills emerged from Erio, revealing a side of him he had never imagined. Moreover, the two of them found themselves bound by a mysterious “Master-Servant contract,” which added yet another layer of complexity to their burgeoning relationship.

As they continued their journey, Erio’s newfound abilities and the Master-Servant bond opened doors to countless opportunities and challenges. Along the way, they encountered a variety of girls, each with their own unique Gifts and stories to tell.

Erio’s life transformed into an indecent heroic tale, where he, gifted with a most unconventional Gift, rose in the world while forming close and often intimate connections with a diverse group of girls. Together, they navigated the complexities of their world, challenged societal norms, and sought to find their places in a society that valued Gifts, talent, and destiny above all else.

Amidst the indecent skills and powerful bonds that marked his journey, Erio Scarlet’s story was a testament to the strength of human connections, resilience, and the ability to rise above the judgments of a world that often failed to understand the true nature of one’s Gifts.

Novel Details : Incubus Banishment

Tittle Incubus Banishment
Akagi Hirotaka
Publisher Lightnovelcave
Genre Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Romance
Subtitle Japanese
Rating 5./5 4.5

How To Read Novel Incubus Banishment Full Episode

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