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Adassah Rumanoff had just turned eighteen when she finally met him. The one the moon goddess had supposedly made for her alone. But there was a problem. She was already in love with another. A soul-crushing dilemma, one that seemed impossible to resolve.

The day she met him was like something out of a dream, or rather, a nightmare. His eyes, once captivating, now felt like they were piercing through her heart, revealing the painful truth she had tried so hard to avoid. The moment he walked into her life, she felt the weight of rejection bearing down on her like a boulder.

There was no need to utter the word “rejection” as you not loving and wanting me was enough to know I’m being rejected as your mate. Those words echoed in Adassah’s mind, a haunting refrain that tormented her every waking moment. It was the unspoken acknowledgment of her deepest fear: that the one she was meant to be with would never truly be hers.

As Adassah struggled with her newfound feelings, the lyrics of a familiar song echoed in her head: “What do you get when you fall in love? You only get lies and pain and sorrow.” It seemed like the universe was mocking her, reminding her that love was a double-edged sword, and she had fallen on the wrong side.

The other man she loved, Alex, had been a part of her life for years. He was her best friend, her confidant, and the one who made her heart race with joy. Adassah had shared her deepest hopes and dreams with him, and she believed they had a future together. But now, fate had thrown a wrench into her plans, and it seemed like she had no control over her own heart.

She couldn’t help but compare the two men. The one chosen by the moon goddess was everything she was supposed to desire – strong, handsome, and charming. But his love felt forced, a duty he had to fulfill. Adassah could see it in his eyes, the same reluctance she felt deep within herself.

On the other hand, Alex’s love was genuine and unconditional. He had seen her at her best and worst, and still, he stood by her side. But, the moon goddess had other plans. Adassah couldn’t escape the pull of destiny, and the ache in her heart grew with each passing day.

Adassah was caught in a relentless whirlwind of emotions, torn between duty and desire, loyalty and love. She knew that she needed to make a choice, and it was a decision that would shatter hearts, including her own.

In the end, Adassah had to confront the painful reality that loving someone didn’t guarantee their love in return. The moon goddess may have decreed her destiny, but it was Adassah’s choice to embrace or defy it. She couldn’t escape the inevitable truth that sometimes, love brought lies and pain, and sorrow was the price she had to pay.

With a heavy heart, Adassah had to make her choice. But as she did, she realized that love was a complex and unpredictable force, capable of both breaking and healing, and sometimes, it forced you to find your own path amidst the chaos of emotions and desires.

Novel Details : Lie To Me Alpha

Tittle Lie To Me Alpha
Veronica Vito
Publisher Webnovel
Genre Fantasy, Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.7

How To Read Novel Lie To Me Alpha Full Episode

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