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Vicky Shaw’s birthday should have been a day of celebration, a day filled with love and warmth, for she was deeply in love with her husband, Tyler Hart. But this year, as she marked another year of her life, she was confronted with a heart-wrenching truth that would shatter her world.

On the day that should have been dedicated to her happiness, Vicky discovered that Tyler, her beloved husband, was having a candlelit dinner with his childhood sweetheart. The very person who was supposed to be her confidant, her partner in life, had chosen to betray her on this special day.

The birthday present he gave her was a cruel blow to her heart—a text message, no less, requesting a divorce. The cold and impersonal words on the screen left Vicky feeling as though her world had crumbled around her.

For the three years of their marriage, she had dedicated herself to Tyler and their relationship, going to great lengths to keep him by her side. She had filled their home with love, and she even went to the extent of removing all the beds from the other rooms when he was not present, ensuring that he had nowhere else to sleep but with her. Her devotion knew no bounds, and she believed their love was unbreakable.

However, life took an unexpected turn when Vicky was involved in a fateful car crash. The accident left her with amnesia, wiping away her memories and altering her personality. She was no longer the same woman who had once loved Tyler with unwavering passion. Her amnesia had created a gulf between them, erasing the deep connection they had shared.

When Tyler finally mustered the courage to visit her in the hospital, he was a man torn between guilt and longing. But his priorities were clear. The first thing he asked of the new Vicky was for her to agree to the divorce. To his surprise, and the surprise of everyone who knew how deeply the old Vicky had loved him, the new Vicky agreed without hesitation.

It was a painful realization for Tyler. He had once loved Vicky dearly, but his actions had led to the dissolution of their marriage. The amnesia had granted him an unexpected release from his own misdeeds, but it also took away the love they had once shared.

For Vicky, the amnesia had transformed her into a different person, one who was now capable of letting go. The old Vicky’s love for Tyler had been unbreakable, but the new Vicky was no longer bound by that love. Her amnesia had created a rift between her past and her present, allowing her to move forward without the weight of her past affections.

The story of Vicky and Tyler was a tragic tale of love lost and the transformative power of amnesia. It served as a reminder that love, once broken, could not always be mended. While Tyler had loved Vicky dearly, the choices he had made had severed their connection, and even though she no longer remembered their love, she had found a way to free herself from the pain of her past.

As they went their separate ways, the echoes of their love and its tragic end would linger in their hearts, a poignant reminder of what could have been and the irrevocable consequences of their actions.

Novel Details : Loving You In Secret

Tittle Loving You In Secret
Debbie Meza
Publisher Goodnovel
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 5.0

How To Read Novel Loving You In Secret Full Episode

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