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Yoon Haewon’s life was a bleak canvas, painted with the harsh strokes of poverty, a lack of family, and a seemingly bleak future. In the midst of this desolation, there was one flicker of light that gave him hope: Seo Haeyoung. For Haewon, Haeyoung was not just a friend but a lifeline, the one person who had remained by his side through thick and thin.

As Haewon’s feelings for Haeyoung grew, he found himself unable to conceal the depths of his emotions any longer. The secrets he had harbored for so long began to unravel, and it was his friend Ko Taegyeom who first bore witness to the truth. Taegyeom had been a silent observer, someone who had long coveted a relationship with Haewon, and now, armed with this knowledge, he saw an opportunity to act on his desires.

To further complicate matters, another friend, Ju Hyunwoo, had his own ambitions when it came to Haewon. With all these tangled emotions, suspicions began to fester within Haeyoung. The dynamics of their group had shifted, and the bonds of friendship that once held them together were strained to the breaking point.

As the situation unraveled, it became clear that the group’s dynamics had become toxic and abusive. Instead of providing support and understanding, they watched and even condoned the violence and maltreatment directed towards Haewon. It was a stark betrayal of trust, a descent into cruelty and indifference that left Haewon feeling isolated and trapped.

In this volatile and unhealthy dynamic, there was no one to turn to for help. Haewon found himself at the center of a storm, surrounded by those who sought to exploit his vulnerability and pain. The relationships between these four individuals had become a battleground, a war of emotions and desires that seemed irreversible.

The memories of their past, once cherished and meaningful, now faded into the background, overshadowed by the turmoil of the present. The ties that had bound them together had frayed beyond recognition, and it was unclear who would emerge as the victor in this perilous game.

The question that loomed over them all was whether there was any hope for reconciliation and redemption, whether they could find a way to heal the wounds that had been inflicted upon their friendship. As the tension escalated and the boundaries of right and wrong blurred, each of them had a role to play in determining the outcome of this destructive drama.

The irreversible game they found themselves entangled in was a reflection of the complexities of human relationships, the interplay of emotions, desires, and the consequences of betrayal. It was a harrowing journey that would test the limits of their loyalty and ultimately reveal the true nature of their characters. In the end, only time would tell who would emerge as the victor, and whether the bonds of friendship could be mended or forever broken.

Novel Details : Non Zero Sum

Tittle Non Zero Sum
Publisher Phase, RidiBooks
Genre Horror
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.6

How To Read Novel Non Zero Sum Full Episode

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