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The office was silent, save for the steady hum of the air conditioner and the distant chatter of employees in their cubicles. I sat behind my polished mahogany desk, my focus drifting to the stack of paperwork awaiting my attention. The day had been routine, like any other day, until my secretary placed an envelope before me.

My name was neatly inscribed on the front, and the sight of it stirred a maelstrom of emotions within me. Pain, like a dagger thrust into my heart, sent a sharp pang through my chest. Anger, a hot, pulsating fury, coursed through my veins, and disgust gnawed at the edges of my consciousness. These emotions, conflicting and uncontrollable, threatened to engulf me.

Catherine. The name echoed in my mind, a symphony of both cherished memories and aches that had festered like old wounds. It had been months since she had walked out of my life, leaving behind a void that refused to heal. The pain of her departure had become a persistent companion, a shadow that lingered in the corners of my mind.

As I held the envelope bearing my name, my fingers trembling ever so slightly, I couldn’t help but wonder what it contained. Had Catherine finally decided to reach out, to offer an explanation, or perhaps, an apology? The uncertainty weighed on me, intensifying the turmoil of emotions that had erupted.

My secretary, sensing the depth of my internal struggle, stood by my desk, her expression a mixture of concern and understanding. “Sir, would you like some privacy to open the envelope?” she inquired, her voice a gentle whisper.

I considered her suggestion, knowing that the contents of the envelope had the potential to be either a balm or a fresh wound. “Thank you,” I replied, my voice steady despite the storm of emotions within. “Please, give me a moment.”

She nodded and discreetly withdrew, leaving me alone with the envelope. Its surface felt cool and crisp beneath my fingertips as I gingerly tore it open. Inside, I found a letter, handwritten with the familiar elegant script that I had come to know so well.

My heart raced as I began to read. The words on the page were both an echo of the past and a revelation of the present. Catherine’s voice seemed to resonate in the carefully chosen phrases, and as I read, my emotions wavered between a yearning for what once was and a profound sadness for what could never be again.

The letter spoke of regrets and apologies, of choices made and paths taken. Catherine’s words were a poignant acknowledgment of the love we had once shared, and a confession that, despite the passage of time, the pain of our separation had never truly abated.

Tears welled in my eyes as I reached the final lines. The choice before me was clear: to allow the anger, pain, and disgust to fester, or to find it in my heart to forgive, to let go of the past, and to seek a path toward healing and closure.

“Why, Catherine? Was my love insufficient for you?” I whispered, as though she could hear me from the confines of the written words. The questions that had haunted my thoughts for so long now echoed in the silence of my office.

The envelope and the letter contained the power to rekindle old wounds or to offer a chance at reconciliation. The path I chose, the emotions I allowed to guide my actions, would shape the way I moved forward. Catherine’s letter had opened a door, and it was up to me to decide whether to step through it into a new chapter of my life, or to remain trapped in the cycle of pain and longing that had consumed me for far too long.

Novel Details : Secretary Riding The CEO

Tittle Secretary Riding The CEO
Author Palvin Y.
Publisher Readom
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.8

How To Read Novel Secretary Riding The CEO Full Episode

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