How To Read Novel Sir, Madame Has Run Away Again! Full Episode


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Standing under the dim, yellow light of the nondescript hotel room, I hesitated for a moment. The weight of what I was about to do pressed heavily on my chest. I began to undress, peeling off each garment slowly, like shedding a layer of my own skin. In the shadows, I watched my clothes fall to the floor, symbolizing the shedding of the façade that had concealed my true intentions.

As I stood there, baring my vulnerability, a mixture of emotions welled up within me. The hatred that had festered in my heart for so long had finally found an outlet, and it was coursing through my veins like a potent elixir. This was the moment of reckoning, a moment that would fulfill the burning desire for revenge that had consumed me.

In the pale light of the room, I turned to face Eric Walker, the man who had become an unwitting accomplice in my scheme. Our paths had crossed in the most unexpected of ways, and now I was holding onto him, clinging to the fleeting pleasure that my vendetta against Carson Boyer promised.

My name was Lilian Hawkins, a woman who had entered into a marriage that outwardly appeared ideal, a facade of perfection. But, in reality, the foundations of our relationship were crumbling, built on secrets, deceit, and simmering resentment.

Eric was not my husband, but he was my way of exacting revenge. Carson Boyer, my lawful spouse, was a man who seemingly had it all. He had ventured into the business world and established a company that reaped monthly profits in the tens of millions. To the outside world, he was the embodiment of success and loyalty, especially to me. Despite my inability to bear offspring, he had never displayed any dissatisfaction or animosity towards me, maintaining a facade of unwavering devotion.

Yet, beneath the veneer of a perfect marriage, our lives were marked by the silent erosion of our love. I had yearned for the joys of motherhood, a dream that had cruelly eluded me. My inability to provide an heir had created a chasm between us, one that I feared was insurmountable. I felt like a failure, a disappointment, and it gnawed at my self-worth.

My decision to embark on this treacherous path of revenge had been born out of desperation and despair.


Novel Details : Sir, Madame Has Run Away Again!

Tittle Sir, Madame Has Run Away Again!
Publisher NovelOasis
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.4

How To Read Novel Sir, Madame Has Run Away Again! Full Episode

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