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I stood on the cusp of womanhood, a rare breed indeed, the daughter of an Alpha with a unique gift—the ability to birth the strongest kind of pup. At just eighteen, I was on the precipice of an event that would define my future and, in some ways, my very survival. In six months, I would go through the heat, a tumultuous and perilous time that an unmated wolf could scarcely endure. It was a force of nature, a tempest of longing and desire that could kill a wolf if not properly managed. To prevent that fate, my parents had made a decision that would change my life forever.

Our lands had become the stage for a unique competition, one that would decide my fate. My parents had invited pack leaders and their sons from far and wide, all eager to win my hand and the coveted opportunity to sire my pups. It was a position of power, but it was also one fraught with danger. Female Alphas were often treated as disposable, their worth reduced to their ability to bear strong heirs. Some were even cast aside, discarded when they were no longer deemed useful, or in the darkest of times, killed to make way for another.

As the day of the tournament approached, my anxiety grew, and my mind was haunted by the countless stories of heartache and treachery that had befallen other female Alphas. I had no idea what to expect, no way to anticipate the outcome of this macabre spectacle. The weight of the decisions that would be made weighed heavily on my shoulders.

But then, I met him.

To find a soulmate is a rare and precious thing, a gift from the Moon Goddess herself. My first glimpse of him was during the tournament, and he arrived fashionably late, sending gifts ahead as a sign of apology for his tardiness. I admit that his actions intrigued me from the beginning. There was something about his demeanor that set him apart from the others.

As the tournament commenced, my heart pounded in my chest, and my nerves were on edge. I was supposed to remain hidden during the match, a silent observer of the ruthless combat. I was also expected to act impartial, an impartiality that was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain as my heart yearned for what I never expected to find during this ordeal.

And then I saw him.

The moment our eyes locked, the world around us seemed to fade into obscurity. I couldn’t suppress the scream that escaped my lips, echoing through the silent air, effectively stopping the fight. I had broken the cardinal rule; I had revealed myself when I should have remained hidden. But in that instant, nothing else mattered.

I had discovered my soulmate, a bond that transcended the brutality of the tournament, the expectations of my position, and the treacherous world I had been born into. The connection between us was undeniable, our souls entwined by a force greater than ourselves. I had found my mate, and he had found me. Our destinies were intertwined, and we were bound together by the goddess herself, made for one another.

From that moment on, my fears of deceit and treachery dissipated like morning mist in the face of the sun’s warmth. My life was no longer in the hands of ruthless competitors or political alliances. Instead, it was safely anchored in the love we had for each other, a love blessed by the goddess. Those who sought to break us apart would face a formidable force, for our love was bound by a power greater than any they could muster.

We were two halves of a whole, fated to be together, and no force in the world could tear us apart. The goddess had spoken, and we would heed her call, forging a love that would withstand all challenges, a love that was as rare and precious as the bond we shared.


Novel Details : Stronger

Tittle Stronger
Ang Chris
Publisher Readink
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.5

How To Read Novel Stronger Full Episode

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