How To Read Novel Submitting to My Best Friend’s Dad Full Episode


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Becca had decided that she needed a change of scenery, a break from the relentless demands of Yale, and a chance to escape the turmoil of her recent break-up with Chad. Miami seemed like the perfect escape, a place where she could relive the carefree days of her childhood. Little did she know that her summer of fun would take a dramatic and unexpected turn, one that would shake her to the core.

Memories of her childhood best friend, Tally, flooded Becca’s mind as soon as she set foot in Miami. The two of them had shared countless adventures, giggles, and secrets in the sunny streets of this vibrant city. Those days were a stark contrast to the complexities of her current life as a Yale student.

But then, a twist of fate led her to cross paths with James, a man who could only be described as the Italian Stallion. He was a striking figure with an air of charisma and a certain magnetism that drew Becca in, despite her better judgment. James was not just any man; he was Tally’s father, a man who held a position of trust and authority in Becca’s life.

In an impulsive moment, Becca allowed herself to be pulled into the vortex of forbidden pleasure that James offered. The attraction was undeniable, a magnetic force that was hard to resist. It was a transgression that Becca knew was wrong, a betrayal of the trust she had with Tally and her friend’s family.

As the summer days unfolded, Becca found herself entangled in a passionate and secretive affair with James. Their encounters were a series of stolen moments, hidden behind closed doors, their shared guilt adding a layer of intensity to their forbidden connection. Becca was caught between the excitement of the illicit and the turmoil of her conscience.

She was treading on dangerous ground, knowing that the revelation of her affair could shatter the bonds of friendship she shared with Tally and destroy her reputation. Becca was aware that her secrets were like a ticking time bomb, poised to explode and potentially ruin her world.

The question that haunted her every day was whether she could endure this secret pleasure without Tally finding out. Becca knew that she was dancing on the edge of a precipice, and the abyss of consequences was looming closer. Her heart raced with anxiety and desire, the struggle between right and wrong taking a toll on her.

Becca’s summer in Miami, meant to be a carefree escape from the troubles of her life, had instead become a test of her character and her ability to keep her desires in check. The secrets she harbored had the potential to unravel her world, leaving her with a painful choice between her loyalty to Tally and her own desires.

As the summer waned, Becca stood at the crossroads, a vulnerable figure struggling to keep her world from crashing down around her. The secrets she held threatened to unravel her life, and the choices she made would determine her future.


Novel Details : Submitting to My Best Friend’s Dad

Tittle Submitting to My Best Friend’s Dad
Scarlett Rossi
Publisher Dreame
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.8

How To Read Novel Submitting to My Best Friend’s Dad Full Episode

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