How To Read Novel TEARS OF A LUNA Full Episode


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“What do you want, Victoria?” Vega’s voice trembled as she confronted her twin sister, her eyes filled with a mixture of anger and sorrow.

Victoria, her demeanor oozing with hostility, took a step closer to Vega. Her eyes, once identical to her sister’s, were now tainted with a deep-seated hatred. “Look, let me warn you,” she hissed, “don’t even dare try to ruin my marriage, or else I will make your life a living hell!”

Vega’s patience wore thin as she struggled to contain her anger. “You knew he wasn’t your mate, and you let him mark you, didn’t you?” she accused, her voice laced with frustration.

Victoria’s gaze wavered for a moment, an admission in itself. She lowered her head slightly, confirming what Vega had suspected all along.

“So what if I know?” Victoria shot back defiantly. “I’m the one he marked, not you!” With a venomous glare, she tilted her head to reveal the mark on her neck, the symbol of her misguided union.

Victoria and Vega were twin sisters, born to the Alpha of the White Snow Pack. They shared an uncanny resemblance, making it challenging for even their father, Alpha Blake Gilbert, to differentiate between them. Their physical similarities were so striking that they could easily be mistaken for one another.

Despite their identical appearances, there were two distinctive characteristics that set them apart. Victoria, the elder of the two, was known for her recklessness and stubbornness. In contrast, Vega was known for her calm and quiet demeanor, often overshadowed by her sister’s more boisterous nature. Tragically, Vega bore the brunt of punishment for Victoria’s misdeeds, a pattern that had persisted throughout their lives. To the outside world, it appeared as if Vega was the troublemaker, the proverbial black sheep of the family, while Victoria’s actions went unchecked.

The second distinguishing feature lay in the color of their wolf forms. Victoria’s wolf was brown, a common trait among their kind. However, Vega’s wolf was a rarity, pure white and unseen by most members of their pack.

Meanwhile, Alpha Reynold Flames of the Blue Stone Pack was a formidable and highly respected Alpha in the northern province of Westland. At thirty years of age, he had yet to find his destined mate, a fact that weighed heavily on his heart. When he visited the White Snow Pack, his powerful Lycan senses were instantly stirred by the presence of his mate. Overwhelmed with excitement, he marked the woman he believed to be his true mate, led astray by her uncanny resemblance to Vega.

The consequences of this mistaken union would ripple through the lives of Victoria, Vega, and Reynold. With their fates irrevocably entwined, they would grapple with the fallout of this tragic mistake. Would their intertwined destinies lead to a breakthrough or only further complications? The love triangle they found themselves in would test their bonds, loyalties, and the strength of their hearts in the face of an unanticipated twist of fate.

Novel Details : TEARS OF A LUNA

Publisher Neostory
Genre Romance, Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.0

How To Read Novel TEARS OF A LUNA Full Episode

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