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Falling victim to an ingenious scheme, the entire Caden family was burned alive. Risking her own life, Thea Callahan pulled James Caden out of the inferno. Ten years later, James makes a triumphant return with two purposes in mind. Repay Thea for saving his life, and take revenge on those who killed his family. Meeting Thea once again after all these years, he makes her a single promise. With him, she will have the entire world in the palm of her hands.

The night was seared into Thea Callahan’s memory, a nightmarish tableau of fire and death. The Caden family, a once-prominent and respected clan, had fallen victim to a malevolent scheme, engulfed in flames that devoured their lives and legacy. The inferno had been relentless, a force of destruction that had left nothing but ash and sorrow in its wake.

Amidst the raging flames and the agonizing cries of the Caden family, it was Thea who had risked her own life to save a lone survivor. She had pulled James Caden from the clutches of the inferno, his body singed and his spirit shattered. The bond forged in the crucible of that fateful night was unbreakable, a debt of gratitude that James could never repay.

Ten long years had passed since that harrowing night, a decade of relentless pursuit and meticulous planning. James had emerged from the ashes of his family’s demise, transformed into a figure shrouded in mystery and vengeance. He had dedicated his life to two purposes: repaying Thea for saving his life and exacting revenge upon those who had orchestrated the treacherous plot that had claimed his family.

As he embarked on his triumphant return to the world, James’s presence was marked by an air of authority and determination. His eyes held a steely resolve, and his actions were imbued with a sense of purpose that left no room for doubt. The pain of his past had etched deep lines on his face, but those lines were a testament to his unwavering commitment to his cause.

The reunion with Thea was both a homecoming and a revelation. It had been a decade since that fateful night, a decade of silence and shadows. Thea, her own life marked by the scars of the past, had moved forward, never expecting to see James again. The meeting was a collision of emotions, a mixture of relief, disbelief, and a hint of apprehension.

As James looked into Thea’s eyes, he made her a single, solemn promise. His voice was a low, unwavering murmur that held the weight of unspoken truths. “With me,” he said, “you will have the entire world in the palm of your hands.”

Thea’s heart quickened, and she couldn’t help but be both intrigued and wary of what James’s return might mean. His words were enigmatic, carrying with them the echoes of a mission that was larger and more complex than she could fathom. The debt of gratitude that had bound them for a decade had evolved into something much grander, and the unspoken promise hung in the air like a challenge.

In the depths of her soul, Thea knew that James’s return heralded a new chapter in their intertwined destinies. The past had been a crucible of fire and destruction, but the future was yet unwritten. With James’s arrival, vengeance loomed on the horizon, and the pursuit of justice was about to take center stage.

The tale of James Caden and Thea Callahan was one of retribution and redemption, of a debt that could never truly be repaid. The promise of the entire world in the palm of her hands was both a tantalizing offer and a daunting responsibility, and Thea couldn’t help but wonder where their shared journey would lead. The flames of the past had forged their connection, but the fire of the future was about to be ignited, and it would blaze with a fierce intensity that neither of them could anticipate.

Novel Details : The Almighty Dragon General

Tittle The Almighty Dragon General
Crazy Carriage
Publisher Goodnovel
Genre Action
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.8

How To Read Novel The Almighty Dragon General Full Episode

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