How To Read Novel The Billion Dollar Contract Full Episode


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Nicole Robinson, at 27 years old, was a vision of beauty and cheerfulness that brightened the VIP section of a bustling lounge bar in the heart of the city. Her journey through life had been far from easy, as she had learned to make ends meet at a young age following the death of her mother. But Nicole was determined to experience the world, to savor every bit of adventure, and to live a life without the constant worry of financial burdens.

One fateful evening, Nicole agreed to cover a shift for a friend at the lounge, a decision that would alter the course of her existence. Little did she know that this night would introduce her to a mouthwatering offer, one that she had never dared to dream of, not even in her wildest fantasies.

Gabriel Harrison, a strikingly handsome and immensely wealthy businessman, was born into an aristocratic family and stood as one of New York’s most sought-after bachelors at the age of forty. His polished exterior concealed a man tormented by the ghost of a past relationship he had been unable to salvage. As a result, he had made a solemn vow never to open his heart again, to never commit to another soul.

However, pressure from his mother to fall in love once more and from the relentless public scrutiny pushing him towards marriage began to weigh heavily on Gabriel’s shoulders. In a bid to deflect attention away from his personal life, he concocted an audacious plan. He would hire someone to play the role of his fiancée for six months, an arrangement meant to serve as a temporary distraction from the prying eyes of society.

When Nicole was presented with the tantalizing offer to assume the role of Gabriel’s fake fiancée, it was an opportunity she could hardly resist. The proposition promised financial security and the opportunity to experience a life of luxury and glamour that she had previously only dreamed of.

As the charade played out, Gabriel and Nicole found themselves drawn together in unexpected ways. The lines between their fabricated romance and genuine emotions began to blur. Gabriel, the man who had vowed to never love again, was confronted with emotions he had long buried, and Nicole, who had aspired to live an adventurous life, now faced the complexities of love and desire she had never anticipated.

The question loomed: would Gabriel dare to open his heart to love once more, defying his own self-imposed rules? Or would he terminate the contract, dashing any hope of a future with Nicole, before it even neared its conclusion?

Their journey was fraught with challenges and dilemmas, a tale of two hearts entangled in a web of pretense and passion. As they navigated the uncharted waters of their fabricated relationship, they would come to realize that love, sometimes, arrived when least expected, regardless of the grand plans they had made for their lives.

Novel Details : The Billion Dollar Contract

Tittle The Billion Dollar Contract
Publisher Webnovel
Genre Fantasy, Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.2

How To Read Novel The Billion Dollar Contract Full Episode

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