How To Read Novel The CEO’s Mute Wife Full Episode


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“Our relationship is just a contracted marriage. You and I, both have benefits. Don’t think I’ll give you something called love. I will never love you.” He looked at the woman sitting on the bed, coldly warning her not to do anything too extreme. Amanda’s life is associated with criticism and abandonment from her parents, from others. Her face had a terrifying scar, even her voice was stolen. Amanda suddenly realized, she was just a piece of chess for others to take advantage of. When she is no longer worth taking advantage of, she will be discarded and trampled on. Unlike Amanda, Justin is the second son of the Stephen family who is highly respected. He has a traumatic past and was also an outcast. Because of past wounds, Justin doesn’t trust anyone. All relationships around him are just taking advantage. Two people come together, because of a marriage contract. But, with such a long time together, can Amanda’s tenderness touch Justin’s cold heart? Will Justin realize that he still has something called love? And what will be the relationship between the two of them after the contracted marriage ends?

Amanda’s life had always been a series of disappointments and heartaches. Her parents had never shown her the love and support she longed for, leaving her with emotional scars that ran deeper than the one on her face. Her existence had always felt like an inconvenience to them. As if her physical scar wasn’t enough, her voice had been figuratively stolen by a world that had dismissed her as unworthy.

Justin, on the other hand, was born into privilege as the second son of the prestigious Stephen family. Despite his privileged upbringing, he bore his own scars from a traumatic past that left him feeling like an outcast within his own family. His experiences had taught him not to trust anyone, to view all relationships as transactions where people took advantage of each other.

Their paths converged when their families arranged a marriage of convenience between them, based on mutual benefit rather than love. Justin made it clear that love was not a part of the equation, coldly warning Amanda of his intentions. To him, their union was just another calculated move in the game of life, and Amanda was just another piece on the board.

As Amanda and Justin spent time together, their initial interactions were characterized by distance and skepticism. Amanda’s tenderness and kindness, however, began to chip away at Justin’s icy exterior. He couldn’t help but be moved by her unwavering support and the genuine care she offered despite the contract that bound them.

Amanda, despite her own emotional baggage, saw the pain that Justin carried and was determined to show him that love wasn’t a myth. She understood his reluctance and didn’t push him, but her actions spoke louder than words. Slowly, he started to let down his guard and open his heart to the possibility of something more than a contracted marriage.

With time, their relationship began to transform. Justin realized that he still had the capacity for love, and Amanda discovered that she was more than just a pawn in someone else’s game. The marriage of convenience was evolving into something deeper, something genuine.

When the contracted marriage finally came to an end, Amanda and Justin faced a crossroads. Would they choose to part ways as initially planned, or would they acknowledge the love that had grown between them? It was a choice that would define the rest of their lives. Their journey had taught them that love could bloom in the unlikeliest of places and that scars, whether physical or emotional, could be healed with time, patience, and genuine affection.

In the end, Amanda’s tenderness had touched Justin’s once-cold heart, and he had come to realize that there was indeed something called love. Their story was a testament to the power of love’s transformation, turning a contracted marriage into a genuine partnership built on trust, affection, and the shared understanding that love was worth pursuing.

Novel Details : The CEO’s Mute Wife

Tittle The CEO’s Mute Wife
Publisher Alphanovel
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.8

How To Read Novel The CEO’s Mute Wife Full Episode

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