How To Read Novel The Day I Kissed An Older Man Full Episode


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“Empty vessels make the most noise,” they say, and Corinne had experienced that adage firsthand when she found herself on an excruciating blind date with a man who fit the description all too perfectly. His incessant chatter and self-centered monologues left Corinne searching for an escape, a way to convey her disinterest without resorting to outright rudeness. And so, she did the unthinkable: she kissed a handsome older man whom she had never met before.

The room was buzzing with the clinking of glasses, laughter, and the hum of conversations as Corinne found herself trapped in an excruciating tête-à-tête with her blind date, whose brash self-importance knew no bounds. He prattled on about his achievements, his cars, and his lavish lifestyle, all the while paying scant attention to Corinne’s input or feelings. It was as though he saw her as a mere sounding board for his self-aggrandizing tales.

As the evening wore on, Corinne grew increasingly frustrated and disheartened by the prospect of spending more time with this empty vessel of a man. She needed an escape, a way to salvage the remainder of the evening and convey her utter disinterest without resorting to overt confrontation.

Then, across the room, her eyes landed on an older man whose quiet confidence and distinguished appearance stood in stark contrast to her current companion. Their eyes met briefly, and a spark of connection flickered in that fleeting moment. It was a risky, impulsive move, but Corinne decided it was worth it.

With a daring spirit, she excused herself from her date and made her way through the lively crowd. She approached the older man, whose name she didn’t yet know, and in one swift motion, she leaned in and kissed him, a spontaneous act of rebellion against the tiresome evening that had unfolded.

The older man, taken aback but clearly intrigued, reciprocated the kiss. It was a mere moment, a collision of lips in a sea of unfamiliar faces, but it held a promise of something more profound. Corinne felt a sense of daring and liberation as she broke away from the kiss, her heart racing. The room seemed to stand still for that brief, electrifying moment.

In response to Corinne’s impulsive act, the older man pledged himself to her, his eyes filled with an intense sincerity that had been sorely lacking in her previous encounter. “I hereby pledge myself to you,” he declared, his voice low and filled with conviction. It was a vow that held weight, a declaration of his genuine interest and the allure of their connection.

As Corinne contemplated the older man’s words, she couldn’t help but wonder what might transpire from this impromptu kiss. If a single kiss from her was all it took for him to devote himself to her, what would a second kiss entail? The possibility was tantalizing, a chance for something new and exciting amidst the dullness of her daily routine.

Intrigued by the older man’s promise and captivated by the enigmatic spark between them, Corinne knew that there was only one way to find out. She would have to explore this newfound connection, to see if it held the potential for the kind of connection she had been longing for. The journey had just begun, and she was ready to discover what lay ahead, even if it meant stepping into the unknown with a man she had kissed on a daring whim.


Novel Details : The Day I Kissed An Older Man

Tittle The Day I Kissed An Older Man
Cher the Cherished
Publisher Goodnovel
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 5.0

How To Read Novel The Day I Kissed An Older Man Full Episode

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