How To Read Novel The Gift Chronicles Full Episode


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Ares, the relentless Gamma of the Silver Moon Pack, was not your typical werewolf. Her story was one etched in blood and vengeance, an existence shaped by the fateful night when her parents were brutally murdered by a gang of ruthless rogues. It was then, under the silvery gaze of the Moon Goddess, that her destiny took a dark and vengeful turn.

Every night, as the world slumbered, Ares slipped away from the safety of her pack’s territory to roam the unclaimed lands. There, she unleashed her supernatural Gift, the power to materialize weapons at will. Blades of moonlight formed in her hands, and she hunted down those who had strayed from the path of the pack laws. Her intentions were clear—to exact vigilante justice and avenge her parents, who had perished at the hands of the very creatures she hunted.

Ares’ commitment to her mission was unwavering. She was the silent specter of retribution, a nightmare for the rogues who dared to cross her path. With each moonlit night, her determination burned brighter, fueled by a singular purpose. The Moon Goddess might have made a mistake when bestowing her with this extraordinary power, but Ares had no intention of letting it go to waste.

Cain, the ruthless Alpha of the Blood Lake Pack, had long given up hope of ever finding his mate. At the age of 28, he believed that the fates had dealt him a cruel hand, leaving him to rule his pack with an iron fist but without the comfort of a soulmate’s love. He’d become resigned to his solitary existence, accepting his fate even as he led his pack with unwavering authority.

However, fate had a different plan in store for Cain. A chance encounter one fateful night brought him face to face with Ares, the enigmatic Gamma of the Silver Moon Pack. She was a whirlwind of violence and determination, her presence unsettling yet captivating. Her eyes held the fire of a thousand suns, and her power was unlike anything Cain had ever witnessed.

Ares, a lone wolf on her relentless quest, had no intentions of allowing Cain into her life. She had no time for distractions, even if this formidable Alpha was her destined mate. She had become a master of evasion and secrecy, guarding her heart against any possible attachments. The scars of her parents’ murder ran too deep to allow love and companionship into her life.

Cain, on the other hand, was determined to claim his mate, no matter how fiercely she resisted. He saw past the icy exterior Ares presented to the world, recognizing the pain that lay beneath. With a persistence that matched his strength as an Alpha, he pursued her, determined to break down the walls she had erected around her heart.

Their journey was one of two souls destined for each other but separated by a chasm of pain and vengeance. Ares, the avenging angel of the night, and Cain, the relentless Alpha, would need to find a way to bridge that gap, to heal each other’s wounds and create a new destiny where love, not revenge, was the driving force. The Moon Goddess had united their souls, but it was up to them to embrace the connection and create a future where they could stand side by side as mates, Alpha and Gamma, a force to be reckoned with in the world of werewolves.


Novel Details : The Gift Chronicles

Tittle The Gift Chronicles
Publisher iReader
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.5

How To Read Novel The Gift Chronicles Full Episode

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