How To Read Novel The Real Rich Daughter is Exposed at a Variety Show Full Episode


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Bai Lin’s life had taken a dramatic twist when she was discovered to be the real rich daughter at the age of eight. However, a complex web of deceit and deception orchestrated by a fake rich daughter forced her parents to send her back to the village. For twelve long years, Bai Lin endured the hardships of rural life, far from the luxury and comfort she had once known.

After over a decade of separation, Bai Lin finally returned to her family, hoping to find the warmth and affection she had missed for so long. Yet, instead of the warm embrace she had anticipated, she was met with scorn and condescension from her own family.

Mr. Bai, her father, immediately demanded that she shed her “bumpkin habits” and conform to the standards of a wealthy family’s daughter. Mrs. Bai, her mother, pushed her to adopt a more refined fashion taste and even suggested she join her sister’s variety show to “see the world.” Even her brother, who should have been a source of support, questioned her ability to play video games, a stark contrast to the welcoming family environment she had hoped for.

Overwhelmed by the disappointment and disdain, Bai Lin made the painful decision to leave her family. She couldn’t bear to be treated as an outcast in her own home, and she had no intention of suffering their scorn any longer.

However, just as she was about to exit her family’s life unceremoniously, the fake rich daughter, who had caused her so much misery, insincerely attempted to stop her. “Come home! I’m willing to go even if I can’t bear to leave my parents… just promise to let me visit them from time to time, okay?”

The insincere plea only added more layers to Bai Lin’s suffering. Not only was she subjected to the internet’s harsh criticism and accusations of shamelessness, but her own family distanced themselves from her, believing she aimed to steal the limelight from the fake rich daughter’s variety show appearance.

But then, an unexpected twist occurred. A star celebrity stepped forward and declared, “Everyone, this is my little sister!” A top martial artist followed suit, introducing her as his master, and a mercenary leader claimed her as his boss. The support from these influential figures sent shockwaves through the public and began to turn the tide in Bai Lin’s favor.

In a surprising move, a well-known movie star even shared a photo of himself being intimate with Bai Lin, officially announcing that they were married. The internet exploded with confusion and curiosity. When had this happened? Wasn’t he known for being cold and proud? Why was he now acting so affectionate and spoiled? The public yearned for their “cool movie star” back.

Bai Lin’s life had become a whirlwind of unexpected events, both heartwarming and bewildering. With newfound allies and a renowned movie star at her side, she faced a future filled with opportunities and challenges, determined to overcome the obstacles that had plagued her for so long. In a world where appearances and expectations were constantly shifting, Bai Lin was ready to redefine her place in her family, her community, and the hearts of her supporters.

Novel Details : The Real Rich Daughter is Exposed at a Variety Show

Tittle The Real Rich Daughter is Exposed at a Variety Show
Ideal Belly
Publisher Webnovel
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.7

How To Read Novel The Real Rich Daughter is Exposed at a Variety Show Full Episode

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