How To Read Novel The Rejected Luna’s Prince Full Episode


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Willa’s world had crumbled in a matter of moments. The love of her life, the Alpha of their pack, had publicly rejected her in front of their pack, and the pack she had always believed she was destined to lead alongside him. Her heart ached as she watched him hold her positive pregnancy test results, the physical evidence of their love, while he shattered her dreams.

Beside him, his ex-girlfriend, a beautiful but once shy and reserved girl named Willa had known since childhood, offered him comfort. Her name was a bitter reminder that he had never looked Willa’s way, no matter how deeply she loved him or how beautiful she had become over the years. Willa had focused on her studies, believing that her intelligence and dedication would eventually win his attention, but it had been a fruitless endeavor.

Everything changed on Willa’s 18th birthday when the Alpha, the man she had adored for so long, finally realized that she was his mate. It was a dream come true for her as he claimed her in every way that same day. Their bond was unbreakable, or so she had thought. A year later, just as they were on the cusp of becoming the Alpha and Luna, Willa’s world was once again turned upside down.

She had discovered him with another woman, shattering the trust she had placed in him. It was a painful revelation, but she held onto the hope that their love and the life growing inside her would mend the rift between them. However, that hope was dashed when he rejected her in front of the entire pack, holding her pregnancy test like a damning piece of evidence.

Humiliated and heartbroken, Willa had no choice but to leave the pack, with her parents providing the support she desperately needed. As she walked away, her eyes were filled with tears and her heart heavy with pain. Little did she know that a powerful stranger had been searching for her, a stranger who had noticed her the night she was rejected.

This mysterious individual had witnessed the heartbreak etched across Willa’s face and had felt a deep connection to her. He had been drawn to her strength and resilience, which had shone through even in her darkest moments. Now, with a determination born out of compassion and an inexplicable bond, this stranger was determined to find and protect her.

Willa’s journey was far from over, and she was about to discover that the power of love and the strength within herself could lead to a new chapter in her life. As she left her old pack behind, she had no idea that her future held the promise of healing, redemption, and a love that she had never dared to dream of. The rejection and heartache of her past would be the crucible from which she emerged stronger, ready to face whatever challenges and adventures lay ahead.


Novel Details : The Rejected Luna’s Prince

Tittle The Rejected Luna’s Prince
Aurora Archer
Publisher Dreame
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.3

How To Read Novel The Rejected Luna’s Prince Full Episode

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