How To Read Novel The Silent Alpha Full Episode


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Natalia had been the beloved human Luna of the Silver Crest Pack, cherished and respected by its members. Her life seemed like a fairy tale, filled with love, security, and the promise of a happy future. But all fairy tales can take dark turns, and Natalia’s did just that.

On a day that should have been filled with joy and excitement, Natalia’s world came crashing down around her. She discovered her Alpha mate, the one person she had thought she could trust implicitly, entangled in a betrayal that cut to the core of her heart. He had been unfaithful, with none other than her own sister. The pain was unbearable, intensified by the fact that she had just learned she was pregnant, a life growing within her at the moment her own life was falling apart.

Zane, on the other hand, was born into a world of silence. He had a debilitating stutter that marked him as an outcast within the Scarlet Haven Pack. His Alpha father, ruthless and cruel, saw him as a burden, a stain on the pack’s reputation. Zane’s life was one of loneliness, abuse, and neglect, a far cry from the warmth and acceptance that should have been his birthright.

His father, the very person who should have protected him, instead cast him out as a rogue, further deepening the scars of rejection that marred Zane’s soul. He wandered the world in silence, a lone wolf with no pack, no family, and no voice.

But the threads of fate are often unpredictable, and in a twist of destiny, Natalia and Zane’s paths intersected by chance. Two broken souls, each carrying their own burdens of pain and betrayal, found a connection that transcended words. Their shared experiences of hurt and rejection created a bond that went beyond the confines of language.

Natalia and Zane faced a daunting question: Could they heal each other, offering the solace and acceptance they both desperately needed? Or would the shadows of their pasts return to haunt them, threatening to shatter the fragile connection they had found?

Their journey was one of hope, resilience, and the power of shared pain to build a bridge toward healing. Together, they would navigate the complexities of their individual traumas and face the uncertainty of the future. With their newfound bond, they would dare to dream of a world where the scars of their past could be transformed into a promise of love, acceptance, and redemption.


Novel Details : The Silent Alpha

Tittle The Silent Alpha
Stephanie Light
Publisher Dreame
Genre Paranormal
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.9

How To Read Novel The Silent Alpha Full Episode

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