How To Read Novel The Tainted Half Full Episode


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In the heart of an ancient, opulent empire, two brothers stood at the center of a tempestuous and cruel tale. Seolha, a young woman of rare beauty, was caught in the merciless undertow of their power, her destiny forever marred by a mother’s desperate gambit.

The empire had always prized beauty above all else, and Emperor Yi had an insatiable appetite for the most exquisite concubines. Yet, it was Seolha who captured his heart. Her ethereal beauty surpassed all others, making her the emperor’s most coveted prize. But her fate was sealed the moment her mother, Lady Suyin, saw the longing in the emperor’s eyes.

Driven by a mother’s fierce love and the knowledge that her daughter’s beauty was a curse rather than a blessing, Lady Suyin resorted to a desperate, unimaginable act. With a heart full of sorrow, she disfigured Seolha’s face, believing it was the only way to save her daughter from the relentless, cruel clutches of the emperor.

From that moment on, Seolha’s life became a living nightmare. She was cast aside, forgotten, and condemned to a lifetime of abuse and solitude in the palace’s hidden chambers, far away from the emperor’s gaze. Her only solace was a single ray of hope: Muon, the emperor’s twin brother.

Muon was known for his compassion, a stark contrast to his tyrannical sibling. It was said that he had a gentle heart and a longing to break free from the oppressive palace life. Seolha had caught his eye when her beauty was still untouched, and he had admired her from afar.

Secretly, they began to exchange letters, concealed in the folds of silk robes, carrying messages of longing and whispered promises of salvation. Seolha, in the darkness of her hidden chamber, clung to these letters as if they were a lifeline. She yearned for the day when Muon would come to her rescue.

But there was a nagging doubt that festered in the depths of her heart. Could she truly trust Muon? In a court filled with political intrigue and treacherous alliances, the line between love and deceit blurred. Muon, with his yearning heart, might be genuine in his desire to save her, or he could be another pawn in the power struggles of the palace.

As time passed, Seolha’s disfigured face served as a constant reminder of the lengths her mother had gone to protect her. The pain was not just physical; it was a soul-deep wound that festered with every passing day. She questioned whether her beauty had ever been a curse or if it had been her only salvation. Perhaps her mother’s sacrifice had been in vain.

The world within the palace walls was a web of secrets, where loyalty was a fragile thing, and betrayal was a constant shadow. Seolha was trapped in its intricate threads, her hopes pinned on the enigmatic Muon. She longed for a savior, someone to bring her out of the darkness and into the light.

In the end, the question remained: was Muon her beacon of hope, a genuine ally who would rescue her from her torment, or was he just another player in the merciless game of power and beauty that ruled the empire? Only time would reveal the truth, but for Seolha, time was running out, and the weight of her disfigured face grew heavier with each passing moment.


Novel Details : The Tainted Half

Tittle The Tainted Half
Publisher Some, Ridibooks, Google Books
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.0

How To Read Novel The Tainted Half Full Episode

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