How To Read Novel Unwanted Wife Full Episode


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Jewel Mercyl Dawson’s life had become a never-ending cycle of pain and heartache, all because of her husband, Thunder Alcantara. The love she harbored for him, unrequited and unreturned, had cast a shadow over her existence. Every day felt like an eternity, marked by the torment of Thunder’s coldness and disdain.

In the beginning, Jewel had hoped for change. She believed in the power of love to transform her husband, to bridge the chasm that had grown between them. However, as each day passed, it became increasingly clear that Thunder’s heart remained impenetrable, locked away in a fortress of resentment and anger.

The question that plagued her mind—how long could she endure this pain? Would she eventually choose to walk away from a marriage that had brought her nothing but suffering? These thoughts loomed in the background, like dark clouds on the horizon, threatening to unleash a storm.

One year of misery. One year of agony. One year of feeling unloved and unimportant in her own marriage. Jewel had grown up in a privileged world, the only daughter of a wealthy family, and her life before Thunder had been one of comfort and indulgence. Now, she found herself trapped in a loveless union, where every day felt like a relentless battle against her husband’s animosity.

Thunder Alcantara, the CEO of the Alcantara Group of Companies, was a man driven by his own demons. He blamed Jewel for the perceived loss of his freedom, and his resentment towards her knew no bounds. Their marriage had been orchestrated by their parents, part of a business merger that seemed more like a hostile takeover of Jewel’s happiness.

Despite the cruelty she endured, Jewel remained steadfast. She had resolved to be the dutiful wife, to stand by Thunder and hope against hope that he would change. Her love for him, though unreciprocated, was unwavering. It was a testament to her strength and resilience, qualities she had always possessed.

The passage of time had tested her resolve, but Jewel continued to hope that someday, her husband would see her as more than just a pawn in a business arrangement. She clung to the belief that love could conquer all, even the deepest of resentments. Her optimism was both a source of strength and a profound vulnerability.


Novel Details : Unwanted Wife

Tittle Unwanted Wife
Reynang Elena
Publisher Goodnovel
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.8

How To Read Novel Unwanted Wife Full Episode

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