How To Read Novel We Will Collide Someday Full Episode


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Their marriage had begun as a deal, an arrangement of convenience in the grand scheme of things. Two years passed, and during that time, not many people knew that Terrence Ramsey and the woman he’d married were more than mere acquaintances. Their union was a carefully guarded secret, a relationship veiled in shadows and secrets.

She was a mysterious figure in his life, an enigma that had captivated him from the very beginning. A woman of grace and intellect, she seemed to understand him in ways that no one else ever had. Yet, their connection remained hidden, obscured by a web of intricate lies and pretenses.

Then, one day, her health took a devastating turn. She fell seriously ill, and it was in that dire moment that he presented her with a divorce agreement. The contract stipulated that she would sign her name without delay, freeing him to marry his first love as he’d always desired. In the depths of her sickness, she signed the document, severing their connection and vanishing from his life without a trace.

For Terrence Ramsey, the divorce marked the beginning of a profound and relentless regret. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he’d let go of something truly special. It was a decision he would come to rue for years to come.

But the truth of their relationship and the depth of her significance only became apparent later, when a series of revelations shattered the veil of secrecy. It turned out that she had been the magical doctor who had once saved his life, a fact he had been blissfully ignorant of during their time together. Moreover, she was the mastermind who had been guiding him behind the scenes, helping him take control of his company, and shaping the destiny he had so ardently pursued.

As time passed, Terrence Ramsey came to realize the enormity of his mistake. She had been the one he had been waiting for all along, his muse and his guiding star. His heart ached with regret for not seeing the truth earlier and for letting her slip through his fingers.

Driven by an unquenchable desire to right his wrongs, Terrence embarked on a relentless search for her. He scoured the world, determined to find the woman he had once callously dismissed. However, all he managed to uncover was a letter she had written before her death. In her words, he found a final farewell, a poignant reminder of his colossal blunder.

Three long and torturous years passed before she reemerged, and she did so with a vengeance. She returned with an aura of triumph, her child by her side. The years had only enhanced her allure, and her presence commanded attention. As she walked past him, she turned to him with a sardonic smile and said, “Mr. Ramsey, how have you been?”

Her words cut deep, for he knew that he had been far from well. He had been a man haunted by his past, by the choices he had made, and by the woman he had let go. In that moment, as she stood before him, it was clear that the power dynamics between them had shifted. She was no longer the vulnerable woman he had once abandoned; she was a force to be reckoned with.

In the end, Terrence Ramsey’s journey had come full circle. He had lost her, only to rediscover her true worth when it was almost too late. Their marriage, which had started as a deal, had transformed into a tale of regret, redemption, and a love that had endured against all odds.


Novel Details : We Will Collide Someday

Tittle We Will Collide Someday
Scarlett Sanchez
Publisher Readom
Genre Romance
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.5

How To Read Novel We Will Collide Someday Full Episode

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