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Roxie had been gone from the Blue Shadow Moon pack for six long years, and in that time, she had tried her best to forget the pain and heartache that came with her abrupt departure. She had always known that she was different, but her older brother, Jason, and his best friend, Lex, the alpha of the pack, had kept a secret from her. A secret that had caused a deep rift between her and the people she loved the most.

When Roxie received the message that she was to return to the pack, her emotions were a tangled mess. Excitement, apprehension, and curiosity swirled within her. She had grown stronger and wiser during her time away, and she had learned to control the wolf inside her. But the thought of facing Lex again, the man who had been responsible for her departure, filled her with a sense of dread.

Lex, the powerful alpha, had been the one to make the agonizing decision to send Roxie away. He had known the truth about her all along. She was his mate, a bond that was sacred and unbreakable in the werewolf world. But she had been too young to understand, too young to be burdened with the responsibilities and the dangers that came with being the mate of an alpha.

The day of Roxie’s return was a whirlwind of emotions. She saw familiar faces, including her brother, who greeted her with a mixture of relief and guilt. Jason knew about the true reason for her exile and had been torn between his allegiance to his best friend Lex and his love for his sister.

As Roxie finally faced Lex, the alpha of the Blue Shadow Moon pack, her heart wavered between anger and longing. Lex had hurt her deeply, making her feel abandoned and unwanted. But now, as they locked eyes, she couldn’t deny the magnetic pull of their bond. It was like a force of nature, drawing her toward him.

For Lex, this moment had been a long time coming. He had missed Roxie terribly, but he had also known that it was the only way to protect her from the dangers of their world. As they stood face to face, he could see the pain and confusion in her eyes, and he longed to make amends.

Roxie’s brother stepped in, attempting to mediate between the two. He revealed the secret they had kept from Roxie for so long – that Lex was her mate and that her exile had been for her own safety. The revelation hit Roxie like a bolt of lightning, making her reevaluate her anger toward Lex.

Over time, Roxie and Lex began to rebuild their bond. The wounds of the past were not easily forgotten, but they worked together to heal and find a way forward. The undeniable connection between them, the pull of their mate bond, grew stronger with each passing day.

As the days turned into weeks, Roxie came to understand the difficult decision Lex had made all those years ago. She saw the love in his eyes, a love that had never wavered, and the regret for the pain he had caused her. Together, they navigated the challenges of their newfound relationship and the responsibilities that came with it, as the alpha and his mate. The Blue Shadow Moon pack witnessed their reconciliation, and in time, the wounds of the past began to fade, replaced by a future filled with love and unity.


Novel Details : Welcome Home Mate

Tittle Welcome Home Mate
Roanna Hinks
Publisher Dreame
Genre Fantasy
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.1

How To Read Novel Welcome Home Mate Full Episode

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