How To Read Novel Alpha Ryan’s Only Regret Full Episode


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Ryan Davis, a twenty-year-old werewolf, had always felt the pressure to find his Mate. In their werewolf community, most people found their soulmates at the age of sixteen. But for Ryan, the fates seemed to be playing a cruel joke on him as he continued his search into his third decade.

One sunny afternoon, his sister Emma invited one of her human friends, Sarah, to their parents’ anniversary party. Sarah was a kind and compassionate woman who immediately caught Ryan’s attention. Her warm smile and lively laughter filled the room, drawing everyone in.

As Ryan laid eyes on her, a strange sensation washed over him. His heart raced, and his wolf stirred within him. It had to be her – his long-awaited Mate. He couldn’t believe his luck. But there was one detail that puzzled him – Sarah had a young child by her side, a little girl who clung to her mother’s hand.

The sight of Sarah with the child sent a wave of confusion through Ryan. Could she already have a family? His wolf, unable to control its instincts, surged to the surface. It growled and bared its teeth, an unexpected reaction, even for Ryan.

The room fell into an eerie silence as everyone stared at Ryan, their eyes wide with shock and concern. It was a terrifying moment for Sarah and her daughter, who clung to her even tighter, sensing the danger. Ryan’s parents, the Alpha and Luna of the pack, rushed to his side, trying to calm him down. His father’s voice rang in his ears, urging him to regain control, but the sight of Sarah and her child continued to torment him.

Tears welled up in Sarah’s eyes as she took a step back, fear and confusion etched across her face. She was supposed to be enjoying the celebration, not facing this strange, threatening situation. Ryan’s mistake had not only put a strain on his relationship with his family but also had the potential to drive away his Mate forever.

Realization struck him like a lightning bolt. He had made a grave error, misjudging the situation entirely. Sarah wasn’t the mother of the child; she was just a close friend, offering support to the girl and her family. His wolf’s reaction was unjustified and had caused unnecessary chaos.

With great effort, Ryan managed to regain control over his wolf. He took a step back, his eyes filled with regret and remorse. His parents, still concerned but relieved that he had calmed down, reassured the terrified Sarah and her young friend.

Apologizing profusely, Ryan attempted to explain the inexplicable reaction of his wolf. He admitted to his foolish assumption and hoped that he hadn’t irrevocably damaged his chances with Sarah. The embarrassment was almost unbearable, but he knew he had to make amends.

Over time, Ryan worked hard to rebuild the trust he had shattered that fateful day. He helped Sarah and her friend in any way he could, showing kindness and support. Slowly but surely, he managed to win back Sarah’s heart. She saw that his mistake had been a terrible misunderstanding, and she realized that he was genuinely a kind-hearted person.

Despite the rocky start, Ryan and Sarah’s connection grew stronger. His patience, understanding, and unwavering commitment to prove himself to her paid off. In the end, the incident that could have cost him his Mate turned into a valuable lesson in trust, redemption, and the enduring power of love.


Novel Details : Alpha Ryan’s Only Regret

Tittle Alpha Ryan’s Only Regret
Publisher iReader
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.2

How To Read Novel Alpha Ryan’s Only Regret Full Episode

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