How To Read Novel The Rejected Luna and Her Twins Pups Full Episode


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Abella had never known stability in her life. Her father’s sudden disappearance had left her and her emotionally unstable brother fending for themselves in a world that seemed cruel and unforgiving. The wounds from her past ran deep, and the scars were etched into her heart, a constant reminder of the pain she had endured. However, amidst the chaos and despair, there was a glimmer of hope, a flicker of light that promised a brighter future.

It was the day she met him, her mate, the most sought-after Alpha in the school. He was the embodiment of strength and confidence, and when their eyes first locked, Abella felt a connection like never before. She couldn’t believe that someone like him would be interested in her, but there he was, extending an invitation to his birthday party.

With a mix of excitement and nervousness, Abella attended the party, hoping that this was the beginning of something beautiful. However, as the night wore on, the alcohol flowed, and her mate’s behavior changed. He became reckless and impulsive, and in a moment of drunken stupor, they had a one-night stand.

Morning brought a harsh reality. Abella awoke to an empty bed and the chilling silence of rejection. Her mate had vanished, leaving her feeling used and discarded, a pawn in his reckless game. The Moongoddess, who was supposed to bring blessings, had shown her no mercy.

Overwhelmed by a sense of betrayal and shame, Abella decided that she had had enough of this cruel world. She escaped into the depths of the forest, seeking solace and escape from the torment of her life. It was there, in the heart of the wilderness, that she stumbled upon a place where her pain could no longer reach her.

Time blurred, and Abella’s fragile existence took a sudden turn. She fell into a coma, and the forest seemed to wrap its protective arms around her, sheltering her from the world’s cruelty. In the silence of her unconscious state, she was given a chance to heal and find the strength to carry on.

When Abella finally woke from her coma, she found herself in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by people who spoke of a new beginning. They told her that she was pregnant, carrying a life within her that was both a mystery and a miracle. The news took her breath away, and for the first time in a long while, a glimmer of hope sparkled in her eyes.

Abella realized that she had a reason to fight, not only for herself but for the new life growing within her. The forest had been her sanctuary, and the people who had found her had offered her a chance at a fresh start. It was a chance to break free from the chains of her past and build a brighter future for herself and her unborn child.

The scars of her past may have left their mark, but Abella was determined to overcome her pain and embrace the newfound hope. With each passing day, she felt her strength growing, and the prospect of motherhood filled her with a renewed sense of purpose. Life had dealt her a challenging hand, but Abella was ready to play her cards and create a better future, not only for herself but for the little one who had given her a reason to keep going.


Novel Details : The Rejected Luna and Her Twins Pups

Tittle The Rejected Luna and Her Twins Pups
Lora Hearts
Publisher Readom
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.6

How To Read Novel The Rejected Luna and Her Twins Pups Full Episode

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