How To Read Novel Blacksmith: You Are Making Mjolnir For The Forging Exam? Full Episode


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In the parallel world, where every individual possessed the remarkable ability to awaken weapon talents, civilization had taken an extraordinary turn. Divine weapons became an essential part of life, as people battled ferocious creatures that roamed their realm. The prestigious Forgemaster job class emerged as the artisans behind these powerful weapons, earning reverence and admiration from all.

Wu Mo found himself in this awe-inspiring world through transmigration, a stranger in a land where weapon-crafting was celebrated as an art form. He had become a student at Divine Arms Academy, an institution known for nurturing the most skilled Forgemasters in the world.

As the semester progressed, the academy approached its most critical event: the end-of-semester practical exam. Students were tasked with forging a divine weapon on the spot, a test that was both thrilling and nerve-wracking. It was an opportunity to showcase their abilities and creativity in crafting weapons of unimaginable power.

However, Wu Mo found himself in a predicament. He hadn’t prepared for the upcoming exam at all. His lack of experience and knowledge had left him feeling unprepared and overwhelmed. He was in a world where forging divine weapons was equivalent to creating art, and he feared he would fall short of the academy’s high standards.

But fate had something different in store for him. In a moment of desperation, Wu Mo awakened a unique system that would change the course of his life forever. This system granted him access to the blueprints of mythical weapons, legendary creations that had been the stuff of legends in this world. The possibilities were endless, and Wu Mo’s talent for blacksmithing now had the potential to reach new heights.

For his debut creation, Wu Mo decided to craft a divine hammer, a decision rooted in his personal affinity for the weapon. He meticulously studied the blueprints of Mjolnir, the mythical hammer of Thor, the God of Thunder. With unwavering determination, he set out to bring this legendary weapon to life in the world of Divine Arms Academy.

The day of the end-of-semester exam arrived, and the entire world watched with bated breath as students unveiled their creations. When Wu Mo stepped forward, holding Mjolnir, an audible gasp rippled through the crowd. Even the examiners were taken aback by the astonishing sight before them.

An examiner could hardly contain his astonishment as he addressed Wu Mo, “We asked you to submit your assignment, and you are submitting Mjolnir?”

Wu Mo had not merely met the academy’s high standards; he had surpassed them in a spectacular fashion. His creation had brought a piece of myth to life, a testament to his newfound talent and the limitless potential of his system.

His journey had just begun, and the world was about to witness the rise of a Forgemaster like no other. Wu Mo had taken the first step on a path paved with divine weapons, legendary craftsmanship, and a destiny that would leave an indelible mark on the world of weapon talents.

Novel Details : Blacksmith: You Are Making Mjolnir For The Forging Exam?

Tittle Blacksmith: You Are Making Mjolnir For The Forging Exam?
Absolute World’s Best Sword
Publisher Webnovel
Genre Fantasy
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.3

How To Read Novel Blacksmith: You Are Making Mjolnir For The Forging Exam? Full Episode

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