How To Read Novel I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother Full Episode


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In a world decimated by the relentless invasion of demons, a prophecy emerged as a glimmer of hope. The only way to prevent the impending destruction was for someone to marry the enigmatic Duke known as the Monster and bear his child, a child destined to become the savior of their world.

Yelena, a woman with the ability to see glimpses of the future, took it upon herself to fulfill this prophetic duty. She understood the weight of the world’s fate rested on her shoulders, and she was determined to make the ultimate sacrifice. Her decision was simple – marry the Monster Duke and bear the child who would grow into the world’s savior.

However, the reality of her choice proved far more complex than she had imagined. The Monster Duke, her soon-to-be husband, possessed defenses that were nearly impenetrable, both physically and emotionally. It was a daunting challenge that stood between her and the destiny of saving their world.

Their initial meeting was far from what she had anticipated. Yelena approached the situation with determination, ready to face the daunting task ahead. But the Duke had different plans in mind. He spoke with an air of authority and distance, declaring, “You might be my wife, but I shall not lay a hand on you.”

Yelena, unswayed by his declaration, decided to turn the tables. She retorted with a question of her own, “Is that so? Then can I lay my hand on you?”

Silence hung in the air as the Duke processed her bold statement. Her audacity was both unexpected and intriguing, leaving him momentarily speechless.

As time passed, Yelena soon realized that her husband’s defenses were not limited to his demeanor. The Duke’s fortress-like resistance was a challenge that tested her patience, wit, and resourcefulness. Despite her best efforts, she found herself entangled in a series of comical yet futile attempts to overcome his insurmountable barriers.

“Are we going to keep being idle like this?” she asked in exasperation.

The Duke’s response was laced with both bewilderment and exasperation. “I told you to strip! Why aren’t you stripping?! Is it a part of your skin?”

Yelena’s journey to fulfill her destined role was far from what she had imagined. It was a battle of wills, a comedic clash of personalities and determination. She was tasked not only with saving the world but also with discovering the key to her enigmatic husband’s heart.

As the narrative unfolded, Yelena’s quest to bear the child who would become the world’s savior proved to be an adventure filled with humor, charm, and a touch of the unexpected. Through it all, her determination to overcome the Duke’s defenses and ensure the world’s salvation remained unwavering. The fate of the world hung in the balance, and Yelena was determined to see her mission through to the end.

Novel Details : I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother

Tittle I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother
Publisher CL Production
Genre Adult, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Subtitle Korean
Rating 5./5 4.3

How To Read Novel I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother Full Episode

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