How To Read Novel The Rejected Queen Full Episode


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Lunaire’s life had been a tragic tale of innocence lost, betrayal, and ultimate transformation. She was just a simple, kind-hearted girl accused of a heinous crime she didn’t commit at the tender age of 10. The death of her parents had cast a dark shadow over her, and instead of receiving support and compassion, she found herself subjected to torment, bullying, and abuse at the hands of her four brothers and the cruel members of her pack. Her only solace lay in the promise of a mate who would one day rescue her from this living nightmare.

Little did Lunaire know that her destiny was intricately entwined with Zane Villain, the future Alpha of the notorious Black Rose Pack. Zane was ruthless and power-hungry, known for his arrogance and his desire for beautiful and strong mates who would enhance his own status. When he discovered that Lunaire was his mate, he recoiled in disgust, unable to see past her perceived weakness and lack of physical beauty. In a hasty decision, he rejected her and banished her from his life.

Years passed, and both Lunaire and Zane underwent transformative journeys of their own. Lunaire, once the fragile and naive girl, grew into a formidable force. She had discovered an inner strength that rivaled any Alpha, honing her skills and learning to harness the power of her lineage. In her solitude, she had evolved into something extraordinary.

Meanwhile, Zane’s lust for power and shallow pursuits had left him unsatisfied and empty. The memory of Lunaire haunted him, and he began to realize that he had made a grave mistake in rejecting her. The Queen-bee of his pack, whom he had once admired, now paled in comparison to the strength he sensed in Lunaire from afar.

Their paths crossed once more, and Zane was left in awe of the transformation he witnessed. Lunaire was no longer the weak and vulnerable girl he had rejected; she had become a force to be reckoned with. The pack members, her brothers, and even Zane himself begged for forgiveness, desperate for her attention, love, and protection. They had all underestimated the true potential of Lunaire, not just as a strong wolf but as the future queen of the supernatural world.

However, Lunaire was no longer the same forgiving and gentle soul they had known. She had become stronger and colder, her heart guarded by the scars of her past. The question of forgiveness weighed heavily on her, and she faced a difficult choice. Would she forgive and return to the home she had been forced to leave behind, or would she choose to remove them from her life forever, as they had once done to her?

The story of Lunaire and Zane was a testament to the power of transformation, resilience, and the unexpected. It was a tale of redemption and forgiveness, where the once-rejected mate had become a beacon of strength and hope, and where the future Alpha had to learn that true power was not measured by superficial standards but by the indomitable spirit within. Only time would reveal the ultimate path these two destined souls would take.


Novel Details : The Rejected Queen

Tittle The Rejected Queen
Publisher Insnovel
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.8

How To Read Novel The Rejected Queen Full Episode

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