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Three centuries had passed since Kim Hyeon-oh, known as the god of war, had miraculously defeated Barce, the tower owner of the Tower of Destruction, preventing the catastrophic demise of the world. It was a tale of heroism and sacrifice that resonated through the annals of history. Yet, what was believed to be a heroic death had a different fate in store for Kim Hyeon-oh.

As the Tower of Destruction crumbled and threatened to engulf him, he had embraced his imminent end, ready to join the tower in its collapse. However, when the dust and debris settled, Kim Hyeon-oh found himself in a completely different place and time, his body transformed into that of a 17-year-old named Kim Joo-hyeok.

Confusion and disbelief washed over him as he grappled with the inexplicable circumstances. It seemed he had been granted a second chance at life, but the memories of his former self remained intact. Kim Hyeon-oh, now Kim Joo-hyeok, knew that he could not remain idle. He was destined for a mission that transcended time.

The revelation came in the form of celestial beings known as ‘constellations.’ As he adjusted to his new life in a world that had evolved significantly over the centuries, Kim Joo-hyeok discovered that these ‘constellations’ were individuals who had been born when he was absent from the world. They were disciples, and he was their forgotten mentor.

Determined to fulfill his purpose, Kim Joo-hyeok embarked on a quest to locate his disciples, who had reincarnated alongside him. The path was fraught with challenges, as the world had changed drastically during his absence. Advanced technology, unfamiliar cultures, and a transformed societal landscape awaited him.

His first disciple, now going by a different name in this era, was a brilliant scientist specializing in advanced robotics. The once-young and inquisitive learner had become a renowned inventor, leaving a legacy that shaped the technological landscape of the world. Finding this disciple was no easy task, as he had to navigate through a labyrinth of futuristic laboratories and high-tech facilities.

The second disciple, once a talented archer under his tutelage, had reincarnated as a legendary marksman. Their journey led Kim Joo-hyeok to the heart of the bustling city, where this disciple’s extraordinary skills were celebrated as an art form. The archer, now known by a different name, had a reputation that extended far beyond the city limits.

Kim Joo-hyeok’s quest took him through different corners of the world, searching for his disciples and attempting to rekindle the bonds forged centuries ago. He discovered that his third disciple had become a philosopher, renowned for their wisdom and insights. Their teachings and writings had inspired countless people, offering guidance and enlightenment in a world that had experienced both progress and turmoil.

As he reunited with each disciple, they all experienced a surge of recognition, as if they were remembering a distant past. The celestial bonds that tied them together transcended time and space. Together, they were driven by a shared purpose, a duty that had waited for three centuries to be fulfilled.

The resurrection of Kim Hyeon-oh, the god of war, as Kim Joo-hyeok in a world vastly different from the one he had known was a testament to the enduring legacy of heroism and mentorship. Together with his disciples, they faced the challenges of a new era, determined to ensure that the world they had once saved would continue to thrive and prosper.

Novel Details : The Constellations Are My Disciples

Tittle The Constellations Are My Disciples
Mr. Kim in the corner of the room, Soophyang
Publisher Enriz
Genre Fantasy
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.9

How To Read Novel The Constellations Are My Disciples Full Episode

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