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Roxie had been away from the Blue Shadow Moon Pack for six long years. In that time, she had carved out a life of her own, away from the only home she had ever known. But now, she was on her way back, her return prompted by a bittersweet reunion with her brother’s mate.

Lex, the formidable alpha of the Blue Shadow Moon Pack and Roxie’s brother’s best friend, was the reason she had been sent away. He had made the painful decision to distance her from the pack, even though it had meant hurting her deeply in the process. What Roxie didn’t know was that there was a compelling reason behind Lex’s actions: Roxie was his mate.

As Roxie made her way back to the pack, her heart was a mix of excitement and trepidation. She had missed her family and the pack, but the wounds from her departure still haunted her. The memories of the day Lex had sent her away and the feeling of abandonment had left her heartbroken.

For Lex, the anticipation of Roxie’s return was tinged with a sense of both joy and anxiety. He had always known that Roxie was his mate, but her youth had compelled him to make the difficult choice to send her away. He hadn’t been able to reveal the truth to her at the time, and it had torn him apart.

Now, as Roxie and Lex stood on the precipice of their long-awaited reunion, they were faced with the most complex and emotionally charged situation. Roxie’s homecoming was met with a mix of curiosity and tension from the pack members, who were aware of the unspoken history between her and Lex.

As Roxie came face to face with the alpha, the realization struck her like a lightning bolt. The person who had sent her away, the one who had caused her so much pain, was her mate. The revelation left her torn between the joy of finding her destined partner and the lingering hurt from their past.

For Lex, this was the moment he had longed for but had never dared to hope for. The woman he had loved from afar was now his mate, and he could finally claim her. But he couldn’t ignore the deep scars that their past had left on Roxie’s heart.

Roxie and Lex now found themselves in a complex and emotional dance, trying to reconcile their shared destiny with the pain of their history. Their journey would be one of healing, forgiveness, and rekindling the love that had been tested by time and circumstance.

As the pack watched and the fates wove their intricate tapestry, Roxie and Lex would need to confront their past, navigate the challenges of their present, and work together to build a future filled with love, understanding, and the promise of a true, lasting bond between mates.

Novel Details : Welcome Home Mate

Tittle Welcome Home Mate
Roanna Hinks
Publisher Dreame
Genre Fantasy
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.0

How To Read Novel Welcome Home Mate Full Episode

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