How To Read Novel Alpha Killian Full Episode


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“I, Eleanor Bernardi, reject you, Alpha Killian Ivanov, as my mate and Alpha,” she said, glaring at the imposing figure of the Alpha who stood before her. She had summoned all the courage she could muster to voice her defiance, but Killian Ivanov shook his head, seemingly unaffected by her words. With an air of unwavering determination, he began to approach her, his eyes fixed on her like a predator closing in on his prey.

“Over my dead, fucking, body,” he growled, his voice low and menacing, and then, without warning, he seized her by the shoulders and captured her lips with his own. His kiss was forceful and possessive, leaving no doubt about his intentions. As he pulled away, his eyes bore into hers, and he declared, “You’re mine, Eleanor, and I suggest that you keep that in mind.”

Eleanor’s heart raced, her emotions in turmoil. She had expected this to be a struggle, but the intensity of Killian’s presence left her reeling. Her attempt to reject him had backfired, leaving her more entangled in his dominance than ever before.

Running away from her pack had been a difficult decision, one that had been driven by a deep longing for freedom and independence. She had never expected that her escape would lead her to become entangled with the one person she had been taught to despise – Killian Ivanov, the Alpha of Alphas, the Pakhan of Mafias. Her former pack had considered him an enemy, but now she was mated to him, bound by a connection she couldn’t easily break.

Eleanor found herself caught in a whirlwind of emotions and conflicting loyalties. Could she trust this powerful Alpha who had just claimed her as his mate against her will? Could she find a way to reconcile her past beliefs with her present circumstances? The answers remained elusive.

Killian, on the other hand, had never expected to find his mate in the form of a woman from a rival pack. His dominant nature compelled him to assert his claim over Eleanor, but he was not blind to her confusion and uncertainty. He knew he needed to tread carefully, to win her trust gradually.

In the following days, Eleanor and Killian navigated a precarious path, their relationship marked by tension, attraction, and power struggles. Killian was determined to protect her, but Eleanor’s fierce independence made it difficult for her to accept his authority. Yet, in the shadows of their clashes, a spark of understanding began to grow.

As time passed, Eleanor began to see beyond the formidable exterior of the Alpha. She discovered a man who carried burdens and responsibilities that few could comprehend. Killian, in turn, recognized the strength and resilience in the woman he had claimed as his mate.

The conflicting loyalties that had torn Eleanor apart were slowly giving way to a more profound connection between her and Killian. Their bond transcended the boundaries of their pasts, making them realize that their fates were intertwined.

Eleanor’s journey from rejection to acceptance was a tumultuous one, but it ultimately led her to discover that sometimes, the most unexpected bonds could be the most powerful. The Alpha she had once rejected was now the one she couldn’t bear to let go of, and their love story was a testament to the complexities of the heart and the unbreakable ties of fate.


Novel Details : Alpha Killian

Tittle Alpha Killian
Author LS Barbosa
Publisher Alphanovel
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.0

How To Read Novel Alpha Killian Full Episode

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