How To Read Novel Alpha King’s Rejected Mate Full Episode


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Eight years had passed since Lena’s world had shattered into a million irreparable pieces. The day she was rejected by Killian, the alpha of the Quarry pack, was etched into her memory like an unhealed wound. That same day, she lost their unborn child, a life torn away before it could even begin, and came perilously close to losing her own. It was a nightmare she had never fully awakened from.

Determined never to return to the Quarry pack, Lena had made a solemn vow to herself: she would become stronger. The pain of her rejection, the loss of their child, and the near-fatal attack had left her scarred in more ways than one. She couldn’t bear the thought of ever being that vulnerable again.

Over the years, Lena had channeled her pain into ambition. She had pursued a career as a lawyer and, alongside her best friend Kate, built a successful law firm. Her life seemed to be back on track, and she had even found love with Jeremy, the pack’s beta, who had saved her life on that fateful day.

Lena was engaged to Jeremy, and for a while, she believed that the pain of the past was firmly behind her. She had found solace in the arms of a man who had shown her kindness and love when she needed it most.

However, life has a way of stirring up the past. One day, while going about her daily routine, Lena unexpectedly crossed paths with Killian, the alpha who had so callously rejected her eight years earlier. Killian’s presence threatened to unravel the tenuous peace she had built for herself.

Killian was determined to get Lena back, to make amends for the unforgivable pain he had caused her. He knew that he had a lot of explaining to do, that he had to reveal the truth behind his actions on that painful day when he had rejected her.

Lena’s heart was torn between the past and the present. Her love for Jeremy was real, and he had been her savior when she needed it most. But Killian’s reappearance brought back old wounds and unresolved questions. Lena yearned for closure, to understand why Killian had rejected her and if there was any chance for forgiveness.

As Lena found herself torn between two men, each representing different chapters in her life, she faced a heart-wrenching decision. Would she choose Jeremy, the man who had been her anchor through the darkest times, or would she give Killian the opportunity to explain, to reveal the truth behind his actions, and to see if there was any chance for them to start anew?

Lena’s journey was one of self-discovery, forgiveness, and the power of the human heart to heal. The choice she made would not only determine her future but also provide closure to the painful past that had haunted her for eight long years.

Novel Details : Alpha King’s Rejected Mate

Tittle Alpha King’s Rejected Mate
Publisher Alphanovel
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.5

How To Read Novel Alpha King’s Rejected Mate Full Episode

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