How To Read Novel Alpha’s Last Minute Bride Full Episode


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Evangeline’s life had been marred by a deep-seated hatred for werewolves, a hatred rooted in the painful memories of her father’s betrayal. She had witnessed her father abandon her mother in favor of a she-wolf, and the reason was clear in her mind – her mother was human, just like herself.

Despite the love her father had for her, Evangeline could never forgive him for the anguish he had caused her mother. This bitter experience had led her to distance herself from the pack and the entire werewolf community. She bore the weight of her mother’s heartbreak and her own resentment toward a species she had come to despise.

Little did she know that her life would take an unexpected and unwelcome turn. She found herself blackmailed into marrying a ruthless Alpha, Daniel Grint, as a replacement for her sister who had fled from her own wedding at the last moment. Daniel was known for his cold-hearted demeanor, his fearlessness, and his disdain for the concept of a mate or a mate bond. His past experiences had left him jaded and untrusting.

However, despite his personal reservations, Daniel understood the necessity of this union. The fate of his pack depended on the alliance between their two families. It was a marriage of convenience, one he had never desired but ultimately accepted to ensure the prosperity and safety of his pack.

As Evangeline and Daniel were thrust into this unwilling partnership, they grappled with their own demons. Evangeline’s deep-seated resentment for werewolves clashed with her new reality as an Alpha’s mate. She struggled to reconcile her past traumas with her present circumstances.

Daniel, on the other hand, found himself torn between his belief that a mate bond was a farce and the undeniable connection he felt with Evangeline. The more time they spent together, the more their initial animosity transformed into something deeper and more complex.

Their journey was one of navigating a fragile alliance, where the lines between duty and desire became blurred. As they faced external threats and internal conflicts, they had to find a way to overcome their personal demons and learn to trust each other.

In the midst of their reluctant partnership, Evangeline and Daniel discovered that the bonds of the heart could be as powerful as any wolf’s mate bond. The journey from hatred and resentment to trust and perhaps even love was a tumultuous one, and it would test both their strength and resilience.

Evangeline’s marriage to the ruthless Alpha was a forced arrangement, but it held the potential for redemption, growth, and the chance to heal old wounds. As they navigated the treacherous waters of their new life together, they both had a choice to make – to succumb to their pasts or to embrace a future filled with the promise of something more profound than either of them had ever imagined.

Novel Details : Alpha’s Last Minute Bride

Tittle Alpha’s Last Minute Bride
Publisher Joyread
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.3

How To Read Novel Alpha’s Last Minute Bride Full Episode

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