How To Read Novel Claimed by The Cursed Alpha King Full Episode


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Ava’s life had been marred by abandonment and cruelty from the moment her parents left her at the Riverdale Pack when she was just a vulnerable four-year-old. Over the years, she had endured both verbal and physical abuse from the pack members, with the worst torment coming from Mia, the Alpha’s daughter. The scars, both emotional and physical, ran deep, and Ava had little hope that her life would ever change.

Little did Ava know that her fate was about to take an unexpected and extraordinary turn. Xavier Black, the most feared Alpha in the region, was her mate, the one destined to be her partner for life. Xavier had a reputation for being ruthless and heartless, but beneath that exterior lay a secret that only his family knew. He had been cursed as a young boy of twelve by a witch in the woods. The curse stated that he would die when black lines covered his entire chest. The only way to break this curse was to find true love from his mate, the very mate he had been cruel to in the past.

As Xavier and Ava’s paths crossed, the shock of discovering each other as mates sent tremors through their lives. For Ava, it was a chance at love and healing from the wounds that her old pack had inflicted upon her. Xavier, on the other hand, faced a race against time to break the curse that threatened to take his life.

Ava, however, was paralyzed by fear. Her past experiences had left her traumatized, and the idea of sharing a room, let alone a life, with the feared Alpha was almost inconceivable. Yet, as Xavier tried to get closer to her and show her that he was no longer the heartless figure he once was, a glimmer of hope began to pierce through her fear.

Their journey was filled with challenges, both from within themselves and from external forces. Xavier needed to prove his love for Ava and break the curse, while Ava needed to find the strength to trust and love again. The Riverdale Pack’s members, including Mia, played a role in this unfolding drama, each adding their own layers of complexity to the situation.

The story of Xavier and Ava is one of redemption, transformation, and the enduring power of love. As they navigated the trials set before them by fate, they found that their love was their greatest weapon against the curses and prejudices that threatened to tear them apart. In their journey, they discovered that love had the power to conquer even the darkest of hearts and to heal even the deepest of wounds.

Follow Xavier and Ava on their extraordinary journey, where the fate of their lives, their love, and the very existence of Xavier’s family depended on their ability to break the curse and find true love in each other.

Novel Details : Claimed by The Cursed Alpha King

Tittle Claimed by The Cursed Alpha King
Author Babzie
Publisher Alphanovel
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.4

How To Read Novel Claimed by The Cursed Alpha King Full Episode

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