How To Read Novel Fated to My Forbidden Alpha Full Episode


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Selene’s life had been a relentless nightmare, a relentless battle to survive the harsh realities of the Blood Moon pack. She grew up orphaned and neglected, forced to fend for herself from a young age. The pack, once known for its unity and strength, had descended into chaos under the rule of Alpha Jackson. Selene’s only dream was to turn eighteen and escape from her abusers. She yearned for freedom, a chance to break away from the relentless torment she endured daily.

But as Selene’s eighteenth birthday approached, an unexpected twist of fate unfolded. The Moon Goddess, in her divine wisdom, had different plans for her. The day Selene met her mate, everything changed. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Alpha Jackson standing before her. He was the very man she despised, the one she had longed to escape from.

Confusion and anger swirled within Selene. How could the Moon Goddess be so cruel as to bind her to the very source of her misery? Her heart filled with resentment, and she refused to accept her fate. She had spent years building a wall around herself, protecting her emotions from the cruelty of the world, and she wasn’t ready to let it crumble now.

The revelation of Selene as Alpha Jackson’s mate sent shockwaves throughout the Blood Moon pack. Many were curious to see how the relationship between the two would unfold, given Selene’s well-known hatred for the alpha. Yet, it was not only Alpha Jackson who claimed to be her mate. As the days passed, another alpha, a stranger from a neighboring pack, came forward, insisting that Selene was destined to be with him.

The tension in the pack escalated as a territorial dispute emerged. The situation grew even more complicated when Selene felt a strange, undeniable pull towards this new alpha. Her heart was torn between the familiarity of Alpha Jackson and the mystery of the outsider. She couldn’t deny the connection she felt with both of them, and the weight of the choice she had to make pressed upon her.

As the conflict between the two alphas intensified, Selene found herself at the center of a storm. She needed answers, and she sought guidance from the Moon Goddess herself. In the stillness of the night, under the luminous glow of the moon, she prayed for clarity.

The Moon Goddess responded in the form of a vivid dream. She showed Selene that her destiny was intertwined with the pack’s survival, and her choice would determine not only her fate but the future of the Blood Moon pack. With newfound understanding and strength, Selene knew what she had to do.

The day of the decision arrived. In front of the entire pack, Selene made her choice. She chose love over hate, unity over division. She chose to embrace the power of the Moon Goddess’s design and the mysterious connection she felt with both alphas. As she extended her hand, first to Alpha Jackson and then to the stranger, a sense of unity washed over the pack. The Moon Goddess had indeed chosen wisely.

As Selene embarked on her journey with her two mates, she discovered that love and unity could heal even the deepest wounds. The Blood Moon pack flourished under this unique arrangement, proving that the Moon Goddess’s plans were always greater than one could ever imagine. Selene’s life was no longer a nightmare; it had become a testament to the power of love and destiny.


Novel Details : Fated to My Forbidden Alpha

Tittle Fated to My Forbidden Alpha
Publisher ReelShort
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.7

How To Read Novel Fated to My Forbidden Alpha Full Episode

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