How To Read Novel Hybrid Aria Series Full Episode


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Lana’s POV:

Today marked our sixteenth birthday, a day that was supposed to be special and filled with celebration. But, as luck would have it, my brother, Alpha Ryker, had called for an Alpha meeting on our very birthday. It felt like a deliberate intrusion on our special day, and the frustration that my twin sister, Arial, and I felt could hardly be contained.

From the upstairs window of our family home, Arial and I watched as Alphas from various packs arrived, their cars lining up as they made their way to our father and Ryker. The Alpha meetings were a customary part of our lives, but they had always been a source of annoyance, particularly for Arial and me. As Lycan hybrid twins, we were used to drawing curious glances, and the Alpha meetings only seemed to magnify the attention we received.

Our predicament became evident as we reached our sixteenth birthday without experiencing the expected wolf transformation. While we shared the same lineage and direct descent from our mother, who was herself a descendant of the Moon Goddess, Ryker and we were fundamentally different. Ryker had embraced the natural course of his Lycan heritage, shifting into a wolf when he was just twelve. He was what we referred to as an “early bloomer.” However, he didn’t inherit the hybrid gene like my sister and me. Even though he was a direct descendant, he possessed only certain traits, while Arial and I mirrored our mother’s unique lineage – half vampire and half Lycan.

Our inability to shift into wolves had always saddened us. Ryker often spoke about how much he loved his wolf, his connection to nature and power. It made us feel like we were missing a crucial part of ourselves. Yet, we still had each other. Being twins meant we always had a constant companion, a confidante who would be our best friend for life. My sister and I shared an extraordinarily close bond, a connection so strong that at times, even our mother struggled to distinguish between us. The only telltale sign was our subtly different scents, which allowed her to differentiate one from the other.

As we watched the Alpha meeting unfold from our vantage point, the frustration we felt on our sixteenth birthday deepened. We longed for the day when we would discover our true selves and fulfill our destinies. The hybrid lineage was a source of intrigue and mystery, and we could only hope that one day we would come to understand the full extent of our powers and potential. Until then, we had each other, and that was a bond stronger than any other, a source of strength and comfort in the face of the unknown.

Novel Details : Hybrid Aria Series

Tittle Hybrid Aria Series
Jessica Hall
Publisher Alphanovel
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.5

How To Read Novel Hybrid Aria Series Full Episode

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